Dave Pratt's Out, MasterChef Contestant Monti Carlo Is In at 103.9, Plus More Radio News

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My 103.9's new morning host, Monti Carlo.
Welcome to Radio Roundup, a new series in which we'll occasionally check in with the ever-shifting world of the Phoenix radio (FM, AM, Internet). Read on for June's news regarding changes at My Phoenix Music 1039 (goodbye, Dave Pratt; hello, Monti Carlo), Magic City Radio on Power 98.3, and why low-power FM station KWSS wants your car.

Dave Pratt
Dave Pratt leaves My Phoenix Music 103.9 for Online, MasterChef "Monti" Carlo Steps In

It seems like just last August when Dave Pratt took the morning show reins at what was then X103.9, the Valley's biggest alternative station. Lots of alternative fans were upset -- and became further angered when the station shifted to an '80s pop-dominated playist. The gamble seemed to be aimed at grabbing the attention of older listeners, but less than a year after taking over, Pratt's left My Phoenix for the Internet (where he was before taking over).

It was announced June 7 that Pratt was leaving My103.9 for his new "home base," daveprattlive.com, where the "Morning Mayor" streams live weekday mornings from 5:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. Pratt recently featured a call-ins from Adam Carolla (you know, the guy with the serious lady problems) and seems to be enjoying his no-format style.

Why the move was made remains a mystery, though "Gen X" programming on My Phoenix 103.9 seems to be phasing out (think less U2 and more Foster the People, Carly Rae Jepsen, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, and Jessie J). Not exactly Pratt's style. Looks like members of the Dave Pratt Ruined 103.9 Facebook group will have to settle for the Adam Lambert songs as reason enough to dislike the station.

He has been replaced by a contestant on Fox's, uh, reality cooking show MasterChef, Monti "Yes, that's my real name -- except not really" Carlo.

A standup comedian, cook, and single mom, Carlo has plenty of radio experience, putting in time at WZGC Atlanta, WLDI West Palm Beach, WSEA Myrtle Beach, and KQMV Seattle, and has toured with the likes of Gilbert Gottfried, Chris Tucker, and Bob Saget.

She started mid-mornings, but is taking over Pratt's former morning spot. You can catch Carlo on the current season of MasterChef, airing on Fox 10, on Mondays at 9 p.m.

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This my friends is why I weep for "Energy 92.7/101.1" every night since it's closing.  KWSS is ok, but their reception is terrible by Chandler so I cannot invest as much time as I wish into them. Overall though, it seems like the radio business has it's own version of "He who fights monsters"; where the stations we wish to keep alive rarely ever get the full support they need to stay with us.  Instead, we deserve all of these top40-pop stations much like cavities in the landscape of radio.

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