Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers Cover "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

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Melissa Fossum
Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is one of those songs: no matter who you are or your circumstances, you feel something listening to it. For most, it's the sound of childhood, a beautiful and hopeful song that conjures up images of wistfulness and memory.

Plenty of musicians have offered soulful renditions of the song, but we're immediately drawn back to the visual of Judy Garland as Dorothy, longing to get out of Kansas.

Local folk rockers Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers covered this song for that very reason. "It's very positive and upbeat," says guitarist Andy Borunda. "Everybody pretty much has a good time with it."

We captured Carol Pacey and Andy Borunda performing the song as part of Mill Avenue's Third Thursday series.

Carol Pacey and The Honey Shakers are scheduled to perform at the Icehouse Tavern on Saturday, June 16.

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Ice House Tavern

3855 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ

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