Ladylike, Crescent Ballroom, 5/25/12 (Video)

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Melissa Fossum
Rob Kroehler of Ladylike, see more photos in our full slideshow.
Ladylike, Factories, Gospel Claws, Steff Koeppen and The Articles
Crescent Ballroom
Friday, May 25, 2012

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In this week's music feature the men of Ladylike, the Tempe-based pop combo that packed Crescent Ballroom last night, discussed the difference between a live show and a recording:

"There's studio art and there's performance art," says songwriter/pianist/guitarist/vocalist Rob Kroehler (Disclosure: Kroehler contributes to New Times' Night and Day section). "They're two different things. To try and make them the same thing is to inhibit both things. Because you [wind up] confining yourself to a certain situation in the studio setting. If you confine yourself to a live setting, you're missing out on a plethora of opportunities in the studio setting."

See our full Ladylike at Crescent Ballroom slideshow.

Melissa Fossum
But last night's performance at Crescent Ballroom -- bolstered by performances by local synth-pop outfit Factories, the singer/songwriter-meets-jazzy progressive rock Steff Koeppen and The Articles, and local mope pop rockers Gospel Claws (the latter bidding adieu to their guitarist, the exquisitely coiffed Wesley Hilsabeck) -- demonstrated that the band's power doesn't rest solely in the studio. On stage, Ladylike stomp, stretch, and strut, their indelible melodies causing the butts of the 20-something crowd to shake.

Melissa Fossum
Seeing an all-locals show as packed (or very nearly at least) as last week's Spiritualized show at Crescent was a good feeling.

No one band "sounded" like the others. Koeppen, up from Tucson, has a fluttering, melodic voice and piano style that might have erred on the side of standard were it not for the unexpected arrangements that took songs veering in other, stranger directions. And that's no dig on her voice, either -- when she let loose on "Change Like That," it was a stunning thing to behold.

Gospel Claws spent most of the evening show off songs from a brand-new album (they've got a Kickstarter going to fund it), and they were something special, finding singer/guitarist Joel Marquard embracing his inner-Jonathan Richman/Scott Walker, a booming new tone for the singer that inches their reverberating rock sound closer to '50s pop and early '60s soul. "It's bittersweet," Hisabeck said following the show, about his decision to leave Phoenix for Portland. "I don't know if it's more bitter or more sweet." The sentiment works as an apt description of Gospel Claws' music.

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