Isaiah Toothtaker and Max B Show Off Toothy Wavy Videos

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Kristin Bracamonte, featured in Isaiah Toothtaker and Max B's "Champion Cuffer" video.
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Last time we checked in with Tucson-based Isaiah Toothtaker and Max B, they were dropping the swimsuit-studded video for "Been Told," a song featured on their upcoming record, Toothy Wavy.

Turns out the grainy, sexy visuals were just the tip of the iceberg: Not only have they dropped videos for five of the album's six songs, but one, "Champion Cuffer" seriously ups the game in the risque department.

The clip, directed by Toothtaker, features buxom model Kristin Bracamonte performing a striptease while Toothtaker examines vintage porn. So yeah. This stuff's NSFW.

Other clips, like the Rapewolf-assisted "Waffle House," are less explicit, but no less bizarre, with junk food imagery by Carne & Queso. Toothy Wavy comes out on May 15 as a free download via Мишка Records, and features Toothtaker and incarcerated rapper Max B over beats courtesy of the The Hood Internet.

Check out the rest of the duo's videos (best enjoyed with a Hot and Ready pizza according to Toothtaker's frequently hilarious Twitter account) at the Toothtaker Vimeo page.

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