George Clinton: Watch Your Sandwich Around This Funk Icon

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A former colleague of mine has a sandwich on his wall with a bite taken out of it.

To the casual onlooker, it's weird. For him, it's the ultimate piece of music memorabilia. Better than an autograph, splintered guitar neck or piece of concert-worn clothing, this collectible is laced with DNA. So when funk icon George Clinton -- now in his 70s but still performing with unbridled vigor and zest -- eventually returns to the mothership in the sky, he can be cloned.

The clones of Dr. Funkenstein will then walk the Earth as one nation under a groove, and funk will go on forever -- just as it always has for Clinton.

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic is scheduled to perform Friday, May 25, at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale.

It's a kind of strange story. The bite showed that multi-colored haired Clinton was missing a lower tooth, and Dave wisely had a photo snapped of him with Clinton, sandwich still in hand. It serves some kind of weird truth that the sandwich on the wall (I never touched it, but I could only imagine the mold raging inside), indeed was snacked on by Clinton.

This leads to the question: Why did Dave bring a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to a funk concert in the first place?

Well, Dave was a quirky guy with a face made for radio -- and, conveniently, an exceptional radio voice. He worked for a now-defunct (and thus nameless) syndicated radio program and regularly interviewed musicians for the program. The legendary funkster Clinton was in town with some permutation of one of his similar but differently named backing bands -- P-Funk All-Stars, Funkadelic, Parliament, or Parliament Funkadelic (the band backing Clinton's utilizing for his May 25 gig at Talking Stick Resort) -- and Dave had arranged a post-concert interview with Mr. C.

To hear Dave tell it, it wasn't his intention all along to give Clinton the sandwich, but that he'd been out of the office all day and it was left over from a lunch he never managed to eat. When he reached into his bag for the tape recorder, Clinton saw the sandwich and, maybe thinking Dave was from the catering truck (Clinton was especially wacked out and maggot-brained in the early Aughts), grabbed it and took a bite.

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Talking Stick Resort

9800 E. Indian Bend Road, Scottsdale, AZ

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