Club Candids: Dani Danger's Going-Away Party at Olive Branch

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Melissa Fossum
Body modifications are painful. Who knew? See more photos in our Club Candids Slideshow.
Body-modification superstar Dani Danger is moving to Hollywood, but in gregarious fashion, freaky folks gathered to wish her well with a huge party. Tempe Mediterranean restaurant Olive Branch was transformed on Saturday, May 5, morphing into a sight-to-see circus. Pink-haired gals dressed as flappers and puffed on long, elegant cigarette holders, ladies in burlesque attire grinded to pop music on the dance floor, couples sporting beaucoup facial piercings nuzzled each other in quiet corners.

The lady of the evening was Dani Danger, who calmly sat on stage while two hooks were inserted in her upper back. Flesh-hook suspension is her usual trade, but last Friday she took it a step further by using her body to tow a truck full of her cheering friends.

Dani's friends are a colorful bunch. We captured her fun going away party in this week's Club Candids Slideshow.

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Location Info

Olive Branch Mediterranean Restaurant

3231 S. Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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