Five Reasons Why Creed Isn't the Worst Band Ever

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In this week's New Times music section, there's an interview with Creed singer Scott Stapp, or as the article describes him, one of the most hated men in rock. His band doesn't get much more respect. In fact, they are widely regarded by music critics and bloggers as one of the worst bands ever. If you Google the term "the worst band ever," you'll find a reference to Creed on the first page of results.

Like many people, I'm not a fan of Creed, but to call them the worst band ever isn't the most accurate of statements. "Worst band ever" is pretty tough to nail down, scientifically speaking, as what sucks and what doesn't is a matter of personal taste, but it's undeniable that Creed has a pretty bad rep. How many bands have been sued by their fans for sounding awful in concert?

So is Creed horrible? Yes, really horrible. Worst ever? No. Here are five reasons why.

5. They've Sold a Shit-ton of Records.

There are a lot of really shitty bands in this world, and you won't hear of many of them. It's tough to get on the radio, and that's one of the main problems with Creed. In the late '90s and early '00s, you couldn't turn on any alternative rock radio station without hearing one of their tunes. Everyone got sick of it, but it's important to remember: The reason "With Arms Wide Open" and "Higher" clogged the airwaves was because people really, really loved those songs.

4. Creed Is Interesting.

Foster the People is a very popular band. You know what's interesting about those guys? Nothing. Not so with our boys in Creed; they wasted no time becoming the kind of train wreck it's impossible to look away from. From their early success, the eventual backlash, the Scott Stapp and Kid Rock sex tape (not with each other), their breakup, and reformation, and class-action lawsuits filed by their own fans, it's almost become fun to watch how bad it can get for these guys. Talk about a VH1 Behind The Music episode that ran way too early in a band's career.

3. "One Last Breath" Is a Pretty Decent Song.

The early '00s were kind of a wasteland for popular music, but as time ticks on, it's impossible to not feel twinges of nostalgia for certain hits, even ones you know you shouldn't. "One Last Breath," off of the band's 2001 album, Weathered, is one of those songs. (And the video is pretty cool.)

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A Tremonti fan
A Tremonti fan

Escoto, guess who's laughing all the way to the bank! You wouldn't know talent if it slapped you in the face. Glad you won't be at the show!


99% of the haters are old ugly men who never made it in music became bloggers and music critics or djs and have spent over a decade hate obsessed about Creed.

A whole new generation of fans are here now and we are sick of reading and hearing about Creed told as if this was 2002. It's 2012 step into the current day.

As for Stapp, the man is married with 3 kids and all him and his wife do is help others, mostly children and our military. But where is that current news mentioned when Creed is brought up?

Press that points out and re points and re points out the handful of things that are a part of the mans past need to get a grip. Most humans on the planet have that much in their past and more. As if a handful of mistakes by someone who had an addiction problem make the man so horrid. Seriously? Have you checked out the 100's of rockstars that make Stapps handful of addiction led mistakes, look angelic.

People talk about the one time some fans sued for one concert. Who the hell cares if they had one bad concert while the frontman was at the worst in his addiction. What about the 100's of concerts they have done when they have rocked the hell out of arenas full of people. But no, press re tells and re tells and re tells us about that 1 show.

I wish press, bloggers, djs and all these aged hate mongers would wake up move into the current year and stop making us all yawn at your re hashing and re telling the same old
mostly hate driven Creed stories.


I do know talent. Creed is terrible to the point that I won't allow there crap on my iPod. I'm ashamed that I have to fight this crap. Let me guess your about between 14-20 and cheap pseudo christcore/post grunge is all you listen to. Making money doesn't mean you any good. That's why Saul Williams is underground and Lil Wayne is a egotistic douche making millions. Wanna know originality and talent? My Bloody Valentine started or at least popularized shoegaze look up "only shallow" the chords are extremely simple but extensive modification and use of a whammy bar to stretch and warp those simple chords made something as original as TVU or TJAMC before them.Blow me you hick Yankee.


I've done a few select drugs. I'm actually smart try to understand how they work and would never use an addictive substance. Maynard James Keenan,s whole philosophy on drugs is taking them and trying to achieve that state themselves. Creed is cheap post grunge (terrible genre) mixed with christcore (even worse) Nickelback makes me ashamed of being Canadian. Creed makes me ashamed of being human. Creed is even worse then fucking skillet (another christcore band).Theres no decresion to the lyrics at all. Again Creed is worse then Limp Bizkit you know the guy who wrote "Nookie"? And Nickelback who wrote "Something in your mouth" It's a song about blowjobs and "bottoms up" a song about doggy style and drinking. There all sell out cock rockers.


I'm fifteen, Creed is terrible, Creed is worse then Korn (or limp bizkit) are typical nu metal lyrics. Creed is about as original as a spud among potatoes and even if they where original they sound terrible and ive put more effort in lyrics I wrote while taking a crap. An actual fan accepts that what they like can suck. This was a poorly written example just ask and il rant your ass with a well written essay on why creed sucks.


Wow, you are a real winner. 15 and has already done drugs, looks like you're headed to no where. You obviously don't know shit, and you're just another one of those teenagers who seem to hate everything, and try to say everything is terrible. You're arguments pose no value towards me thought process towards creed. They are a great band who is often brought down by douche bags like you, who hate them for bandwagon purposes or because they prefer pearl Jam. If you take out the reality of the band members and just listen to their music, you will realize how wrong you are. And for those of you who think pearl jam is much better, you obviously don't know talent, don't get me wrong pearl Jam is good, but pearl Jam is just creed without the distortion and heavy parts.

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