Best New Times Club Candids of April

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Melissa Fossum
Having fun at Wet Electric at Wet 'N Wild Phoenix Waterpark. See more photos in our Best Club Candids of April slideshow.
The year is flying by, and heating up as usual.

As the days get hotter, the nights tend to get wilder in Phoenix and its surrounding burgs. We've culled a selection of our best nightlife photos in April, including hip bashes at American Junkie, Elevated Music Festival, the Sticky Fingers Pajama Party at Bar Smith, and more.

Take a look at the Best New Times Club Candids of April.

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Outcall London Escorts
Outcall London Escorts

This is such a fabulous picture of Pajama Party, i really like it. The girls looking very sexy in the  different bikini. I think you get the lots of fun on that party.

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