Tumblr of the Week: Sleevefaced

The Judds Why Not Me.jpg
The Judds' Why Not Me as interpreted by P. Lynn
We feature a lot of brilliant music-related Tumblrs full of funny Photoshopped pictures. What's better than that, you ask?

Sleevefaced, that's what.

Sleevefaced is a collection of photos of people incorporating vinyl album artwork into their posed pictures. These pictures involve anything from the photo subject playing an instrument to more creative situations like using a facial expression in a humorous context.

More on what's awesome about this week's Tumblr of the Week after the jump...

Sleevefaced features no crazy optical illusions, just plain creative genius submissions from the blog's readers.

With this blog, it's all about perfect placement. Elements as basic as lining up similar shirts, laying at the same angle, or completing what's missing of a huge hair 'do is the key to making a great Sleevefaced vinyl sleeve.

We've hand selected some of the best of the best.

Tom Waits - Blood Money - Sleevefaced.jpg
Tom Waits, Blood Money

Smokey Robinson - Being With You - Sleevefaced.jpg
Smokey Robinson, Being With You

The Blasters - s t - Sleevefaced.jpg
The Blasters, s/t

The Carpenters - Voice of the Heart - Sleevefaced.jpg
The Carpenters, Voice of the Heart

Madonna - Who's That Girl soundtrack - Sleevefaced.jpg
Madonna, Who's That Girl soundtrack

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