The Tremulants' Marco Holt Succumbs to Cancer

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The Arizona music community lost a prominent figure and friend when Marco Holt from local rock group The Tremulants passed away this weekend following a bout with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Since 2003, Holt served as the indie rock band's primary creative force and lone consistent member, doubling as guitarist and singer. He made a lasting impression on the community as not only a musical inspiration, but also as one of the co-founders of local record label Black Cactus Records.

The artist-owned and -operated collective works toward facilitating local bands with the means to share their music with a larger audience and optimizing the creative process.

"Whether you liked Marco's music or not, you just couldn't help but recognize that he was passionate about it," Tremulants bassist Isaac Hensleigh says. "He loved music and he was opinionated about it, but one way or another he was really passionate about it."

Hensleigh and his brother Wilson joined the group in 2010 when the band underwent a dramatic reshuffling, according to the group's biography page. In the short time they played together, the band mates formed a tight bond, which ultimately lead to Hensleigh's involvement with the label, as well.

"The thing that he always expressed to me that was important about Black Cactus is that it was started for a bunch of people that played music to support each other and be in it together instead of trying to hash together shows on their own," Hensleigh says. "I know Marco thought that it was real important to have a group of musicians that were supporting each other and trying to help each other make their music and disseminate it, as well as find an outlet and audience for it."

Memorial services are still being planned for Holt. We'll keep you posted on details as they become available for anyone in the community who would like to pay their respects. Hensleigh says there will also be a show to honor Holt after the services, although plans for that are still under way as well.

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Just thought I'd share a bit about Marco.  I met him at 15 in 1999 and began playing in Loud Americans with him at 17.  We won the Phoenix New Times Showcase as 'Best College Rock Band' in 2001, did a west coast tour and released a self-titled record. 

We played in another band together, Scramjet, but our bond was much stronger than just that of bandmates. Even after I left for Chicago with Skybox, we stayed in touch.  I spoke with him at the end of last week and was planning on visiting him this week.  Marco was one of the most caring, and generous people i ever met, He had a profound effect on me in several aspects of my life, he was like a brother to me.  I am honored to have known him and to have played with him, and words can't express how much I'll miss him. 
Jeff Gonzales


Sorely missed already!  Huge inspiration and mentor.  Absolutely love this man.

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