Portugal. The Man, Andrew Jackson Jihad at the Trunk Space Anniversary Party, Artopia, Over the Weekend

William Westfall
Portugal. The Man at Crescent Ballroom.
Portugal. The Man at Crescent Ballroom

When a band spends a considerable amount of time on the road, as Portugal. The Man has since the release of In the Mountain in the Cloud almost a year ago, the cumulative effects begin to show in the performance. Fortunately for the Crescent Ballroom crowd Friday night, Phoenix was the band's first stop after a lengthy, and much needed, break.

See the full Portugal. The Man at Crescent Ballroom slideshow.

Mural by Luster Kaboom/Photo by Benjamin Leatherman
The Trunk Space
Andrew Jackson Jihad and More at Trunk Space's Eight Anniversary Party

In recent years, the Trunk Space's anniversary parties have been a low-key. Snacks, a cake, an iPod loaded with local tunes. Folks gathered around tables, catching up and telling stories about things they'd seen at the tiny art gallery/music hall/movie theatre/performance venue.

This year the venue's eighth birthday was different. Around 250 people showed up in full force, and five bands were tapped to rock them. Anticipating the large crowd for headliners Andrew Jackson Jihad, the T-Space set up a stage in the large dirt lot outside. Read more.

Ryan Wolf
DJ Sean Watson at Artopia 2012
2012 Artopia at The Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale

The Phoenix New Times' 2012 Big Brain Awards winners were announced at Artopia on Saturday night. The night featured live painting, a DJ Sean Watson soundtrack and the Big Brain Awards winners for the Fashion, Visual Art, Performing Art, Culinary Arts and Design categories. It all went down at The Saguaro in Scottsdale.

See the full Artopia 2012 slideshow.

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