Vintage Phoenix Shoegaze Band Half String Reissued by Brooklyn Label Captured Tracks

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While the gauzy, hazy sounds of the record secure it in the nebulously defined "shoegaze" genre, the Half String material has a strong pop sense, and though Capps' vocals are buried under sheets of distortion and effects (sort of par for the course in the genre), they occasionally bubble up to reveal him as a more confident singer than many of his peers.

Lanning says that the band was influenced by import CD singles and British records, and that her record shop was sort of a clubhouse for the kind of people who appreciated those sounds.

"Creation Records just boomed in the early '90s. We did so many import records out of Stinkweeds. We'd get our import records box on Fridays, and we'd have a line of people waiting for whatever. Moonshake, Moose, Telescopes, Catherine Wheel...Slowdive was huge. Stinkweeds was definitely a hub for all of that stuff going on."

Listen to a mixtape of sounds that inspired the band, assembled by Brandon Capps, at Captured Tracks.

Maps for Sleep is available at independent record stores and online now.

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