Episodes Release Out of This World Cassette for Record Store Day

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Record Store Day is an exciting time for music geeks. What better way to celebrate than to get some free tunes? Local sci-fi electronic group Episodes is releasing Partir Kaylan as a cassette available at Stinkweeds and online at Bandcamp today.

"Episodes is a science fiction comic group, so to speak, featuring Hideo 8 - an android [David Marquez], Yojimbo Billions [Zach Vogt] - the last of the line of a slave species of engineering super geniuses, & NDGT - a sentient spacecraft with it's own agenda," according to Hideo.

Learn more about Episodes and listen to "Spreads" after the jump.

Up on the Sun: Why did you decide to release Partir Kaylan as a cassette?

Yojimbo: EPISODES is about versions: of stories, of songs, of sounds. We wanted to do something for RSD, and Yojimbo Billions had a few dozen cassettes lying around, so we took them to a guy who does a thing and voila. PARTIR KAYLAN was created with a heavy digital influence, but a majority of it started out on real instruments in real time; so although the release will be mostly digital (aren't most releases digital these days? ba-dum dum), we want physical objects out among the populace as well. We are told these sounds are good for driving in automobiles, so we recommend that, if you need to burn it on a CD, do that. And: who ever was given a cassette in their life they didn't appreciate?

Hideo: Cassettes are an older media that is resurfacing as valid, and being used by independents in such a way as to bring the music to more directly to the listener from the artist. We use various forms of media every day without thought. We are interested in challenging the listener to go back to a time when this technology was used more commonly, or to a brand new experience. Humans should listen to these sounds however they may.

Yojimbo: Starting in the [summer], we're going to start the EPISODES onliney comic strip. Each strip will feature a specific track on the album, and the individual songs will be downloadable with the strip. That will be a bi-weekly thing, perhaps weekly.

UOTS: Why did you decide to make your music available for free?

Yojimbo: As for why, that is a constant subject of debate between us and the various AIs on the ship. The internet makes it possible for transmedia projects like Episodes Limited to exist, we can create and disseminate our ideas as far as they will travel. The downside is that the internet has created a musical culture where there is infinite variety and infinite competition, so until we build a valid following where we can charge for music but not feel like we're ripping people off, we'll do it. We want to share with our friends. Once you make a big enough splash in the culture-at-large then you start to get negative reactions from people, and that's when it will probably become something that need some sort of accounting infrastructure.

Hideo: Free is good. Sounds can touch people, take them away for just a minute, distract them from a negative thought or feeling. They can also destroy. Perhaps we'll put a price on it someday.

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