Big & Rich and Jake Owen at Country Thunder in Florence, 4/13/12

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William Westfall
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Country Thunder
Canyon Moon Ranch in Florence, Arizona
Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm not superstitious, but it's hard to brush off the supreme bad luck I had on Friday the 13th, attempting to drive my Nissian Maxima to Day 2 of the four-day country festival Country Thunder. I'm from Houston, and was curious how it would stack up against Livestock and Rodeo where I come from. Stacks up pretty well -- Country Thunder has years of experience under its belt, marquee names like Jake Owen and Big and Rich, and a reputation for one of the wildest parties in the West.

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But if you're not entirely sure where you're headed, it can be kind of a nightmare to get to. I'll probably tell my kids the story of my adventure one day, about how my GPS lead me off-roading, about being stuck for more than an hour on Mineral Mountain Road, and how eventually I stumbled upon a massive confluence of country fans, revelers, and music in a field out in Florence.

William Westfall
Oh, there it is.
After botched plans for Triple A to assist my stuck car, I was assisted by the Pinal County Sheriff's Department, no doubt a group of folks working very, very hard this weekend. Then, I got pulled over by the Arizona Highway Patrol -- for going to slow on the freeway (first time for everything).

By the time I made it to the event, my car was making disturbing noises, I was exhausted, but ready for some food. I had plenty of of overpriced option to choose from, but went with some fried chicken, pizza, and deep fried corn. And yeah, I demolished everything. With my head on straight, I was ready to go.

William Westfall
Not your traditional two-step...

The atmosphere included cows, a few rides, stores, pop-up food and beer stations of course, a Frat House, the main stage and something new this year: an electronic tent dubbed Electric Thunder.

I love EDM, but I'm also proud of my country roots. How do you go about mixing the two? I'm not sure. I find it hard the two difficult to mix, unless you want to bring in Pretty Lights to drop his country music take that he produced for the documentary film: Re:Generation. Let's just say this boot-scooters stuck to two-stepping (no scissoring or drop-inspired freakouts). Clearly, Country Thunder was interested in bringing in a new element, and heck if they didn't. Just not too sure it was necessary.

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Canyon Moon Ranch Grounds

20585 E. Price Road, Florence, AZ

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