2012 RPM Challenge: Who Completed an Entire Album in February?

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With the extra day provided by leap year, four of the seven Valley artists we tracked for this year's RPM Challenge were able to record an entire album from start to finish. That would be Sha-Pink, EPISODES, one Serene Dominic, and Tannix, who completed the album but, failing to mail it into RPM Challenge headquarters, is not being recognized as a finisher (more on that later).

Among the three non-finishers were Mike Skullbuster, who groused, "I couldn't get my four track going. The good news is I have a bunch of good new songs. Sorry." QUIBIQ bowed out because of remixing obligations and the concurrent recording of this year's Sha-Pink album, Thriller. The Feisty Felines' album was a non-starter after a computer crashed and the initial work was lost. Undaunted, Andrew Jemsek made a four-song solo EP during a marathon session four days after the Challenge ended and will be on hand to share the results at the RPM Listening Party this Thursday, March 8, at the Bikini Lounge, which will give all you participants a chance to reshare some cuts and give some hastily pressed CD-Rs away.


Not profiled in an earlier recap, we found out about this side project from David Marquez (Sweet Bleeders, Color Store) and Zach Vogt. We asked Vogt's alter ego Yojimbo Billions to describe the greatest surprise and worst moment of the marathon ordeal.

Greatest surprise from the experience:

The spectrum of sonorities we had to eliminate in order for the recording to appeal to humanoid nervous systems.

Most representative track:


Worst moment of the whole ordeal?

Vox feedback distractions due to yonista pollinate infected in previous encounter.


Making good on their threat to put together an album called Thriller, the synth duo of Darrin Robertson and Jimmy Saccoman have hijacked some of the most overly-familiar pop song titles across pop history from "Spirit in the Sky," to "Rolling in the Deep," to "I Just Called to Say I Love You."

Greatest surprise from the experience:

Darrin: "Typically when you record an album, you write and record more than an album's worth of music. The best cuts make the record, the discards either become b-sides or never see the light of day. In RPM, you don't have time to record more and discard the bad tracks. On our three previous RPM albums, there were tracks that, in my mind, would have been discards. The biggest surprise to me is that, on Thriller, there's not. I like every track."

Most representative track:

The music I listen to and the music Jim listens too is very different. Our music is diverse because our various influences intrude on each other's aesthetics in different places and at different intensities. This album we carefully planned to avoid that and create an album with a consistent sound. I think we achieved that, at least at the level we were looking to achieve that. I would say they're all representative. "Annie's Song" is the stand out track.

Worst moment of the whole ordeal?

We finished by the skin of our teeth this year. We mailed our disc at 9:12am on March 1st. On the Tuesday before the deadline, my Internet went down -- thanks to Cox Communications. I was told right away they wouldn't be able to restore access until Thursday, the day after the deadline. With my band mate across town, the worst moment was the last two days trying to finish up with my iPhone tethered to my desktop.

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