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Dana Armstrong
Country songs don't come much more iconic than Hank Williams' "Your Cheatin' Heart" . It's been covered countless times by musicians of all genres. Some, like Elvis Presley and Ray Charles do the song justice, while others butcher it -- I'm looking at you, LeAnn Rimes. It's always a challenge for a female musician to cover a man's song, but that didn't stop Patsy Cline from recording a fantastic version of the tune.

Local honky tonk/rockabilly quartet Trailer Queen channeled the likes of Cline and Loretta Lynn for a cover that captures a classic country sound.

"The kind of feel that Trailer Queen is shooting for is a honky tonk, classic country, a little bit of rockabilly, but more of the classic honky tonk crying in your beer kind of drinking songs, or heartbreak songs. The usual stuff that classic country is about," says bassist Jamie Waldron.

Brea Burns had no problem adapting Hank, Sr.'s vocal style, though lyrics were a challenge. "Sometimes there's certain lyrics you have to tweak. I really actually wanted to do 'Ramblin' Man,' but there's just too many 'man' words in there, so it was too tricky to switch around at this short of notice, but yeah, overall I like it. I like the dichotomy of it," she says.

Trailer Queen is scheduled to perform Wednesday, March 14, at the Country Edition of 'Cover the Crescent' at Crescent Ballroom.

Download: Trailer Queen, "Your Cheatin' Heart"

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