Take Cover: The Madera Strand Covers The Police

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Melissa Fossum
When The Madera Strand prepared a Police set for Cover the Crescent, the band's main obstacle was finding the right pitch.

"[Sting] sings so high anyway, but I'm also an alto, so some of those notes were kind of hard to hit," says vocalist d'Averill Demetrulias in reference to "Walking on the Moon." Vocally, "Wrapped Around Your Finger" was easier to adapt.

The Police have a huge influence on The Madera Strand's sound. "When we started learning these songs, a lot of their structures are very similar to the way we structure songs. You can really see where the influence comes through," says guitarist Cody Cruse.

The Madera Strand is scheduled to perform at Tugboat's farewell show at The Rogue Bar on Saturday, March 24.

Download: The Madera Stand, "Wrapped Around Your Finger"

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