City of Tempe Holding Public Forum on Clubhouse Music Venue Tonight

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Benjamin Leatherman
The Clubhouse Music Venue, which will be discussed during a public forum tonight at the Tempe History Museum.
If you're someone who is supporting the Clubhouse Music Venue and its owner during the current brouhaha over the recent shooting outside the concert hall, tonight's the night to let the City of Tempe know about it. Ditto for anyone on the other side of the issue who'd like to the venue punished or shut down.

A public forum will be held at 6 p.m. tonight at the Tempe History Museum regarding the Clubhouse. According to museum employees, the town hall will take place during a meeting of Tempe's Neighborhood Services Division in the facility's community room.

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Benjamin Leatherman
The Horse & Hound Sports Grill in Tempe, which is adjacent to the Clubhouse.

Eugenia Ruven, the owner of both the Clubhouse and the adjacent Horse & Hound Sports Grill who was arrested by the Tempe Police Department on Friday for failing to adhere to the establishment's security plan, made a plea on Facebook for fans of the music venue to show their support at the meeting.

As we reported last week, the Clubhouse's security plan has been revoked by Tempe officials, which could ultimately cause both the concert hall and the adjacent Horse & Hound Sports Grill to close. Ruven, however, is fighting to keep that from happening, and encouraged others to help join in the battle.

Per her Facebook message, the club owner is hoping to counter allegations that her venue, which opened in 2004, is "not safe for our customers or this city."

"Because of the unfortunate events in front of my places last Friday March 2nd The City of Tempe is taking legal action against me and my places," Ruven stated in the post. "We have been in Tempe for close to 8 years and the Horse and Hound has been a staple here for over 18 years. Please take the time to show up for that meeting we need all the positive voices we can have to outshine the negative ones."

Ruven, who is also encouraging supporter to create supportive signs to bring to the meeting, stated the following: "How they can tell me it is my fault this happened and not the people that did the violence makes me ill."

Ricky Goltz, a member of local rock act Property Six, has also been attempting to drum up support for the Clubhouse online over the weekend by creating a Facebook invite to the meeting entitled "Save the Clubhouse and the Horse & Hound." 

The musician, who's band performed at Chasers Bar and Nightclub on the same evening that a second shooting took place in the Scottsdale music venue's parking lot, is using the group to help drum up support for the Clubhouse.

"It's time for the scene to fight back against this senseless disrespect for human lives. We need to show the city governments and police that these things could go down evidenced by the shooting that happened at my band's show at Chaser's on March 9th," Goltz stated. "A venue holding a hip-hop show is no more safe or less dangerous than walking in a Wal-Mart or going to Thrifty's in South Phoenix and buying some ice cream."

Goltz adds that the potential loss of the Clubhouse would be a blow to the Valley's music scene.

"The Clubhouse is an extremely important venue because it is one of the few All Ages clubs that we have left," he states. "If Tempe shuts this place down without a fight....who knows what else could happen to venues in AZ."

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Its a shame New Times is not reporting on cruatial points that were made at the Tempe town meeting:( I was there The city of Tempe and police should be ashamed and embbarassed.Im suprised New times is not reporting the full story and has not told the public the meeting with 400 plus attending ended 1 hour early because the city could not handle the amount of embbarassment from resident concerns, eyewittness reports and their own admission of failure. I expected better coming from New Times shame on you for contributing to the distortion of facts to help save the city and police from embbarassment at the expense of an innocent small business and music venue which was a big part of the music scene.You are no different than the other major media outlets. Well i guess the 400 plus people that attended the meeting will have to tell the real story.Gota love the internet! 

Mene Tekel
Mene Tekel

This is pretty sad. The Clubhouse isn't to blame for the actions of thugs shooting at them. This doesn't have to do with the type of music playing, either. Violence is violence and it's all terrible. I hope The Clubhouse can win this fight because it's a fight for their own freedom to run a business. Seems like Tempe police couldn't do their job so they lashed out at the owners instead.


The Tempe Police were there paniking like everyone else and couldnt catch the 2 shooters on foot! Not sure how hiring the police is going to help WHEN THE TAX PAYERS ALLREADY HIRED THEM! To do their job. What is their point are they saying that the venue should have better trained security than the police? A few more security would have stoped this tragedy? If the venue hires the police they get better trained and more qaulified protection than the tax payers? What was our gang task force doing that evening? Possibly hanging out at QT one block away completely unaware of a known gang affiliated artist was performing. Either the city and police are completely incompitant or they are avoiding this issue as being their problem and responsibility to fight crime like GANGS not to pass the buck to small business owners whos responsibility is to try and prevent criminals from entering their building not their parking lot that they share with multiple small business's. Its the tempe police job to know where there is gang activity thats what we pay them for they could have sent a few more cars to patrol that area.The tempe police failed to protect the public not the clubhouse they do music not shoot outs thats clearly the job for police.  


 I love music, but I'm going to have to say CLOSE IT. I love my life more than some show. Clubhouse has had too many chances to step up there security, yet they failed. They know shootings happen there. Yes, it could happen anywhere, at any show, but this specific place refuses to make it safer. They simply do not learn from their past. I for one have been to 2 shows where I had to run from gun shots (Yes, hip hop shows), not at the clubhouse but at other venues, they got shut down. completely preventable if they only had police officers for shows that can be labeled high risk. poor management. THIS IS THE INDUSTRY THAT THEY SIGNED UP FOR.They need competent security which they refuse to incorporate in the budget. Let somebody else open a venue, somebody who actually gives two shits if somebody dies in front of there doors!


ricky gatz is right, hip-hop and rap shows should be relegated to south phoenix walmart and thrifty parking lots. by relocating the venues within areas having similar danger levels, shootings and other general mayhem wouldn't seem so out of place and won't draw the ire of the popo so quickly.


I hope that the healing can begin now that a forum has been scheduled.


  Dream on there is no such thing as healing in this type music. its made and written for violence and death.

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