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So, was last night's Radiohead show hyped up to be like, the greatest thing, ever?

I hate going concerts with any sort of expectations because I usually walk away disappointed. I've been a casual fan since I first heard "Fake Plastic Trees" in Clueless, which is pretty funny when you think of the song in the context of the movie.

Once the Coachella line-up was announced, I considered selling my ticket to last night's show. I'm glad I ended up going, because honestly, if I had waited a month to see Radiohead play the same set, I would have got bored and left.

Before you leave a comment begging me to get fired, hear me out. Like I said earlier, I'm a casual fan. The King of Limbs stuff doesn't really do it for me. I'm glad I stuck it out though, because the encores made for a great show. I could not have asked for a stronger ending than "Paranoid Android."

My lukewarm response to the beginning of Radiohead's set was not common, judging from your tweets. I took to Twitter and found lots of people hyping the show up as much as I initially expected.

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@the_clean_freak Under normal circumstances I'd be really upset I have to go to work in 2.5 hours, but I just saw Radiohead. So I'm cool with it.

@radiohead @Kazyavka1 @colindole how much are dancing lessons from thom yorke?

@maxmullet There won't be a concert in AZ this year that tops that one. #radiohead

@negativesleep Today I was fortunate enough to see a band that I have always wanted to see live. Well worth the wait. Thanks for a great show @radiohead

: Aural and visual candy. Probably the best show I've ever seen. #radiohead

@AlanaPorter Gave Radiohead to some guy at Arena tonight & it was much better than regularhead #radiohead

My ears are ringing, my feet are aching, & I can't stop smiling-sure signs of a great show! Radiohead killed, natch. Lighting was amazing!

@vutastic Is a Radiohead show that exciting that you have to tweet about it? Or are you so bored you have to tweet just so time can go by faster?

@photoatomic So tonight I saw Radiohead in the Miami Disneyland of awful chain restaurants and bars.

@take_the_stairs Ya know, I do like Radiohead and that was a good show, but I will never understand the level of their mass appeal.


@mitchmorby Just experienced radiohead live for the first time. Dunno how those sounds are made by humans playing musical instruments #mindblown #robots

@radiohead Did I just see the best live show of my entire life???

@DavidAppletree the only thing that absolutely sucks about radiohead is their politics. i hope most their fans just enjoy the music and ignore the politics.

@Fun_Beard At this point, Radiohead should just call every one of their songs Bleep Blop Bloop Drum Machine.

@tarquinc #Radiohead. Epic. OH: It's like a religious experience!

@SomethingSummer I laughed I cried I never wanted it to end. #radiohead

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Yeah Radiohead is one of the best bands ever in music industry and they are going great i am looking for the upcoming shows.

Kris b
Kris b

Why are you guys obsessed with making sure everyone who loves radiohead knows that they're wrong or that they like them too much? This is bullshit. Every post about them in the last two days. Can't you find a shittier band out there to devote your time to? Actually, don't. Music is about preference and people like this band for good reasons. I personally thought the whole show was excellent. And I'm also not gonna go to someone who likes kid rock and not-pick him because I don't like him. Chill out and write an actual review if you want to write a review, guys.

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