The Great American BBQ and Beer Festival at Dr. AJ Chandler Park, 3/24/12

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William Westfall
Members of Face to Face "face" off.
The Great American BBQ and Beer Festival
Dr. AJ Chandler Park
Saturday, March 24, 2012

Better Than:
The last five years of Warped Tour.

There was a little something for everyone at the Chandler BBQ and Beer Festival, and it was pretty clear who was there for what purpose. Families formed long lines in front of numerous barbeque vendors, beer cups littered the ground, and a sea of punks and drunks surrounded the main stage.

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"This is the SoCal '90s tour," said Trever Keith, singer of Face to Face. Each band formed some time between the late '80s and early '90s and all hail from somewhere in the Los Angeles area, with the exception of Buck-O-Nine, who is from San Diego, and all four play some variation of ska and/or punk.

Every frontman, except Frank Casillas of Voodoo Glow Skulls said something about old age--Oldfinger was my favorite--and how long they've been in a band. The magic year of nostalgia seemed to be 1996.

William Westfall
Surf's up.
"We should bring a swing band up here to complete the circle. Cherry Poppin' Daddies, dude," Keith said during one of his many lengthy set breaks. He claimed the promoter asked him to stretch out the set time, but also admitted to being drunk off a bunch of IPAs. I'm not sure which (if not both) is true, but it was fairly entertaining, especially as Keith kept complaining about his gray beard.

"I have no idea what I'm saying. I'm totally drunk on IPA right now. Playing music with a beard is a nightmare. I'm never doing this again. I'm shaving as soon as I get home," he said.

Face to Face
's set was pretty similar to the one played at The Nile last year. Keith asked who was at that concert (he forgot the name of the venue) and complained about the heat and the lack of people that went to both shows.

Disregarding a few gray hairs and songs from Laugh Now, Laugh Later, Face to Face's set really hasn't changed much since their Warped Tour heyday. Keith said the BBQ Fest was essentially the "anti-Warped Tour because everyone was age appropriate."

One of my favorite moments from any Face to Face show is hearing "Ordinary" and "I Won't Lie Down" as they appear on the self-titled album. Both songs are linked by guitar strumming and Keith asking the audience to jump. Back in my invincible teen years, that meant jumping in the circle pit for "Ordinary" and pogoing during "I Won't Lie Down," but I'll leave that to the diehards now.

Although Face to Face was the headliner, Goldfinger stole the show. Their set was laced with irony, namely because Goldfinger played a barbeque festival. Read the liner notes of 2002's Open Your Eyes, and you'll see how dedicated the band is to animal rights. Frontman John Feldmann has a vegan tattoo on his wrist and said, "You're barbeque and beer people, right?" I'm a sober vegan." He later said that he hates all modern music" (except for Ke$ha, Charlie Paulson likes her), yet Feldmann is an A&R rep for Warner.

Nitpicking aside, Goldfinger had a solid set full of humor and a little chaos. Feldmann's levity included comments like, "This song is about the ability to surf and snowboard in the exact same day--with a lot of gas and a little bit of meth," he said, introducing "San Simeon" with a sped up intro.

Craig Mabbitt from Escape the Fate took the mic during the screaming part of "Open Your Eyes" and nailed it. Aside from the stoner vegan comment, the band didn't say a peep about animal rights, which is odd considering the PETA literature floating around at every other Goldfinger show. Paulson claimed the band hadn't played in Arizona for five years because we aren't a very welcoming state, and said Jan Brewer met them at the airport.

During "Miles Away," the band introduced drummer Darrin Pfeiffer's signature Twinkie trick, but held off because they couldn't find a Twinkie and there were kids and police watching, so instead, Pfeiffer drank beer out of a stinky shoe.

"I don't want to go to jail, Phoenix jails are the hardest jails in the country," Pfeiffer said, toasting to the Phoenix Coyotes. He then split the crowd in half and asked how many people had seen Braveheart, and, well, if you have seen the film, you can guess what happened as soon as the band resumed the song. If not, it looked a little something like this:

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Waka Waka
Waka Waka

Awesome show.  Great write up. Even though I too was an out of place vegan for the BBQ part of the event, I still had a great time. Fingers crossed Chandler does something like this again next year.

Kody Thames
Kody Thames

What is the "I Believe In You" song on the face to face setlist? Is that a cover?


this was totally an old punx fest, and if you knew what you were in for it was a blast. it was like old time Nile folks day, as i ran into pretty much everyone that frequented that venue in 1995-7. so many tattooed parents! common phrases were 'these are my kids' and 'meet my husband/wife' haha

i believe Feldman made reference to being a 'sober vegan', not 'stoner' which furthered the irony of a beer +bbq fest appearance

i didnt catch the Glow Skulls whole set list as they played a lot of mid period material that i never got into (full disclosure: they were my favorite band for their first three records, but have grown gradually less exciting over the years. saw them over 10 times between 95-98 then just gave up) but a partial was
SHOOT THE MOON (during which i got acosted by a dad 'dude theres kids behind you, calm down' GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF THE FRONT ROW OF A PUNK SHOW. even if it was an old-man punk show, the front is no place for small children)

BONUS SECTION: it was fun at the Andrew Jackson Jihad show later on that night to find the other old timers who were burned and tired from the BBQ

Melissa Fossum
Melissa Fossum

Ah yes, sober vegan would make a lot more sense. Thanks for pitching in some Glow Skulls songs, I tried to google lyrics but couldn't understand most of what he was singing.

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