People Who Hate Radiohead; And One Person Who Loves Them (But Still Thinks the Band Is Going to Hell)

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Miley Cyrus
Like West, Cyrus felt the cold bitter sting of the evil Dr. Yorke's pride when he also snubbed her at the Grammy's. "I'm gonna ruin them, I'm gonna tell everyone," she said. Let us know how that's going, Miley.

Robert Plant
A few years ago there was a story circling the blogosphere that alleged Plant called the band "rhyming crap" when a song came on at a bar. Cough, cough -- "ice and snow/hot springs blow..."

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What Radiohead song is Robert Plant listening to that rhymes? Please find me one.

Christina Caldwell
Christina Caldwell

I'm actually more impressed that he found a way to decode what Thom Yorke is saying. 

Phoenix New Times
Phoenix New Times

"What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here."

Boom. Rhyme. Right?

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