Pop Quiz: Are These Chillwave Bands or '80s Toys with William Reed

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William "Fucking" Reed
Welcome to Pop Quiz, a new recurring series where we sit down notable folks about town and force them to take a geeky pop culture test. Today we feature electronic maven William Fucking Reed.

Look out First Friday -- Sticky Fingers, the weekly electronic bash that goes down every Friday night, is looking to get spooky tonight.

The night's resident DJs, William "Fucking" Reed, Prince$$, Pickster One, J-Paul, Bigie, Borisimo, Hunnycut, and Hoodwink will have some special guests tonight, L.A.'s Fabian, and DJ NOIZ.FKR, known for his parties at goth-y club Sanctum. And though the night certainly will feature plenty of the erudite dance music it's known for, party instigator Reed states that tonight's festivities will be a little darker.

"I'm really excited about tonight. The night is themed with a doom disco/witch house kind of vibe," Reed says. "One of my favorite DJs, NOIZ.FKR (pronounced "noise fucker," duh) is helping out. It's exciting for me because a lot of my electronic musical roots stem from EDM, industrial, darkwave, and goth. I was really into it 15 years ago, and I still am, but as a DJ, that's not what I do regularly."

Not familiar with witch house? It's one of the dozen insane blogger-created names that describes a spooky, goth take on lo-fi pop. It's difficult to describe but shares a certain woozy character with another hazily defined term: chillwave. We thought it would be fun to put Reed through the ringer, and challenge him to a little contest: Could he correctly tell the difference between the names of a couple of chillwave bands and action figures/children's toys from the '80s?

Read on to see whether Reed "fucking" nails our quiz or blows it...

Friday, February 3: Sticky Fingers feat. Fabian, Noiz.Fkr, William Fucking Reed, Prince $$, Pickster One, J. Paul, Bigie, Borisimo, Hunnycut, & Hoodwink @ Bar Smith

Up on the Sun: All right, let's get started: Brothertiger. Chillwave band or 1980s toy/action figure?

Reed: I'm going to say band on that one. That would be kind of a weird toy. Not that there isn't any better kind of toy than a weird one.

You're right. Brothertiger is a chillwave band.

glow worm.jpg
How about Glow Worm?

Oh, that's a toy, dude.

Correct, Glow Worm is a toy from the 1980s. One of the creepiest toys from the '80s, I must say.

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