The Love Me Nots, Sugar Thieves, and 2 Tone Lizard Kings at New Times Soundcheck, 2/10/12

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2 Tone Lizard Kings

Most ska purists balk at third wave ska revival. Some don't like the genre at all and can find truth in Propagandhi's tongue in cheek jam "Ska Sucks." The rest seem to be obsessed with the genre, which is part of the reason 2 Tone Lizard Kings practically has a cult following in Tempe. The other reason is they're a good band that deserves the hype.

Fresh off a tour with The Toasters and a local show with The Slackers, the Lizard Kings waxed nostalgic with a spot on cover of "Weekend in LA."

Just like this! They had the sunglasses and everything-

The Lizard Kings also paid homage to the first wave of ska with a great rendition of The Specials' "Little Bitch." There may not have been any rude boys in the audience, but 2 Tone Lizard Kings definitely accomplished their mission to get the crowd to "shake some ass."

Last night was a small-scale déjà vu of the X show in December. It was nice to actually have breathing room and be able to see talented acts like The Love Me Nots, The Father Figures, and Glass Heroes take the main stage.

Glass Heroes

The Father Figures rose from the ashes of '80s skate-punk legends JFA and continue to play rhythmic punk. Glass Heroes is another local punk band that has been going strong for decades. The Heroes closed out a long night of music with an energetic '70s classic punk-inspired set laced with jokes about drugs.

The New Times Soundcheck has a little something for everyone. If a hater like myself could find enjoyment in a ska band, I'm sure just about anyone would have a blast at the second half of the Soundcheck, which continues tonight at Club Red.

Critic's Notebook:

Last Night: New Times Soundcheck at Club Red with The Love Me Nots, Sugar Thieves, 2 Tone Lizard Kings, The Father Figures, and Glass Heroes.
Better Than: Trying to track down the line-up on Spotify.
Personal Bias: The Love Me Nots and The Father Figures together again? Yes, please.
The Crowd: Very mixed. Punks, older folks, hippies, you name it.
One More Thing: I also was really impressed with Doctor Bones.

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Club Red

1308 W. University Dr., Mesa, AZ

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