Club Candids: Obscura's Hearts of Darkness Bash at Rip's Ales and Cocktails

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Check out this week's Club Candids slideshow.
Both Valentine's Day and Singles Awareness Day are overrated. Regardless of what you're celebrating, with the exception of Arizona's Centennial, you were probably setting yourself up for disappointment on the 14th.

Obscura smartly hosted its Hearts of Darkness Anti-Valentine's Bash a few days before the actual holiday. Couples could innocently dance without setting sky-high expectations and singles could scope out potential dates before desperation day rolled around.


As usual, DJs Roya and Funkfinger spun a mix of indie, new wave, and brit pop hits that kept the crowd moving all night. Rip's Ales and Cocktails saw one if its largest crowds on Saturday, February 11. Looks like Phoenix has more Valentine's haters than expected. That, or folks wanted to take advantage of cheap drinks and concert ticket/CD give aways. We can't blame 'em.

Check out the anti-cupid shenanigans in this week's Club Candids slideshow. Disclaimer: We didn't check to see who was single.
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Rips Ales & Cocktails

3045 N. 16th St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

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