Man-Cat Explains the (Very NSFW) Video for "Yeast"

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Man-Cat "Yeast" video
Get ready for gross out.

Pop deconstructionists Man-Cat, whose mission statement reads: "We're just trying to feed pop music back to the consumers in the most subversive way possible," have reactivated their long dormant YouTube video for "Yeast."

And it's comprised solely of "pizza delivery boy porn" clips (insert "extra sausage" joke here). But it's not all "funny ha ha," explains a shadowy representative from the Man-Cat organization.

"[The "Yeast" video is] constructed out of clips from pizza delivery boy porn. You know, grandiose commentary about popular media consumption blah blah blah. Sorry we're so disgusting."

"The titles were pretty ridiculous, such as Big Sausage Pizza, Tip of a Lifetime, Real College Sluts Fuck Pizza Delivery Boy -- pretty goofy stuff," explains the anonymous Man-Cat oh the films spliced and sliced to make the video.

"There were so many hours of watching and screencapping this ridiculousness. We just really enjoy seeing how far we can take things, legally and censor-wise. I was pretty tired of porn afterward, but I think it was worth the message of pandering/formulaic consumption we were going for," says Man-Cat.

If the goal is pushing it, the clip totally works. It's disturbing -- even cringe inducing -- and the pixelated images and close up shots of pizza being shoved into mouths fit the cut-reassemble-and-paste sounds of the song. Man-Cat heads block the view of any penetration, but the thing is still alarmingly graphic.

"I'm really shocked that it's actually still available on YouTube," says Man-Cat.

Watch the totally not safe for work video below.

Man-Cat is scheduled to perform with Indian Jewelry Friday, February 17 at Trunk Space.

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