Nate Ruess Has Some Fun. At Zia Records

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So the record is different than Aim and Ignite. Did you have kind of a sense that you wanted to make something very straightforward? It's got classic pop themes and melodies.

There was an emphasis on Elton John. I write [songs] in my head and I don't play any instruments I have to end up explaining it, and there's a uniqueness in that. That's why there's always been kind of a theatrical feel and ups and downs, because I don't have a real frame of reference other than what I hear in my head. Usually when I'm ready to sing it out, it's got to sound exactly how it sounds in my head. There's not any time to put it on a click track or quantize it or stuff. With this album, I wanted to make a conscious effort...
It wasn't that I wanted to quantize the songs, but I wanted to take a more classicist approach in the songwriting.

Were you watching the Super Bowl when the commercial was featured?

I was, yeah. I was at home in my apartment in New York. I knew it was supposed to come on at some point, and then it did, and I was like, sweet. I wonder if the Giants are going to win.

That's how it felt for you? It wasn't like that scene in That Thing You Do where everyone is jumping around when the song on the radio?'s been ten years. Nothing is going to impress me at this point. It's all...constantly just...what's next and how do you sustain it? I want to be able to do this forever, not for a great week. I want this to be a long career.

Is it hard to do that at all? To just keep your head down and keep pushing?

Not at all. When we were making the first album, we would go to this bar on the Lower East Side and they had the Megatouch machine, so we would do the Erotic Photo Hunt game and try and get the top score every single time. And I think I remember one time someone was like, "Oh we're about to get it." And I was like, "You say nothing." I don't think we ended up getting it, but from that point on it was almost like the same thing. Just don't say anything, just keep going until you get the high score, and when you get it, just try and get a higher score.

I'm sure it feels good to come back here and see your family, though I know you haven't had a chance to settle in.'s a drag that I have to come back to Phoenix under these circumstances. It's not bad [because of the fans] but I have a two-hour window to see my family.

There's kids out there with guitars and camped out. It's something when you see folks genuinely excited about stuff.

That's how it's been. We feel insanely lucky that people come to these things and our shows. It's a real melting pot of people, you're not just looking at one scene. And I've never belonged to anything, so it's cool that all kinds of people and come and be comfortable.

Fun. performed Thursday, February 22, at Zia Records in Chandler.

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