Five Guys That Should Be in Queen Instead of Adam Lambert

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Adam's awful hairdo: just one more reason he shouldn't be playing with Queen.
​Rumors are swirling that former American Idol Adam Lambert is going to be teaming up with Queen for live performances.

We've got some bones to pick about this. While Lambert said he'll be doing this "to pay tribute to Freddie and the band by singing some fucking great songs," that can't possibly be his only motive. If he wants to pay tribute to Queen, he should start a tribute band.

Lambert isn't exactly the best pick for someone to take the place of Freddie Mercury, which, for the record, nobody should even be doing in the first place. He's Freddie Mercury. You can't top that. But if anyone is going to try, surely there must be some better options.

That's why we came up with a list of five guys who would be more suitable for this position than Adam Lambert.

5. Justin Hawkins of The Darkness

Man, Justin's falsetto will getcha every time. His bodysuits are reminiscent of Freddie as well.

Mika, let that 'stache grow, buddy.

4. Mika

Mika came right out about his Freddie obsession in the song "Grace Kelly" when he sang, "So I try a little Freddie!" Mika's voice is similar to Freddie's too.

3. Eric Nally of Foxy Shazam

Justin Hawkins' best friend Eric has said that, in a way, he's honored that he gets compared to Freddie so often. His theatrical demeanor is indisputable, and it's impossible to take your eyes off him when he's on stage. His performances are like a car accident: you just can't look away.

2. Sacha Baron Cohen

Nearly a year and a half ago, it was announced that Borat is going to play Freddie Mercury in a biopic about the legendary Queen frontman. Considering the fact that Sacha Baron Cohen nails any role he gets, he's sure to make a great Freddie.

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LOL Lambert, May and Taylor proved you incompetent and clueless. May and Taylor said he was their "genius friend" who made them love performing again. PFFFFT.

so what
so what

I disagree. Queen invited Adam to sing with them at the EMAs because they think he is great. Adam is his own frontman. He appears with Queen only as a special guest. That is not his career.

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