Tumblr of the Week: Cooking With Skrillex

Cooking with Skrillex.jpg
​This week we're raving (get it?) about the inverse of last week's featured Tumblr, Kim Jong-Il Dropping the Bass, which had a public figure who doesn't scratch. Meanwhile, this week's fantastic Tumblr features an actual deejay doing something unrelated to music.

We found a plethora of amusing Photoshopped pics of Sonny Moore whipping up some tasty delights.

Kandy Kids, we're bringing you Cooking With Skrillex.

More on what's awesome about this week's Tumblr of the week after the jump...

As said on the blog itself, "Who would have thought Skrillex was so skilled in the kitchen?" Certainly not I. How could he possibly have time to fix up a Top Chef-worthy meal when he spends all of his time on the road melting faces with beats that sounds like machines throwing up?

In any case, check out Skrillex preparing all sorts of hefty meals. We saved the best and punniest one for last.

cooking with skrillex sick beets.jpg
Skrillex mixing "sick beets"

cooking with skrillex sushi.jpg
Skrillex whipping up some sushi

cooking with skrillex chinese food.jpg
Skrillex taking orders for Chinese food
cooking with skrillex pizza.jpg
Skrillex tossing a pizza pie
cooking with skrillex vegetables.jpg
Skrillex steaming some vegetables
cooking with skrillex lobsters.jpg
Skrillex cooking lobsters
cooking with skrillex drop the bass.jpg
Skrillex dropping the bass
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