Mighty Sphincter On Alice Cooper, Phoenix's Punk Past, and The Future

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2012 is looking to be a comeback year for infamous Phoenix-born "deathrock" combo The Mighty Sphincter.

The mythic band -- part of the same Placebo Records scene that birthed JFA, International Language, and many, many more -- has always been lead by songwriter Doug Clark, and he says that this year should see a flurry of Sphincter activity, courtesy of mostly-hardcore label A839 and Germany label Cathedral Records, including a new record and a couple reissues.

Fans looking to hear a taste of the new material needn't wait long: Doug Clark is scheduled to perform an acoustic set tonight at Rips Ales and Cocktails.

Read on for our discussion about Alice Cooper, the early Phoenix punk scene, and the future of Mighty Sphincter.

Up on the Sun: Long story short, or long story long, however you'd like to tell it, why don't you tell me what Mighty Sphincter has been up to the past couple of years?

Doug Clark: In the last two years we got picked up by A389 Records, and have released a 7 inch single called "Resurrection" and on the flip-side of that is an acoustic remake of a song called "Inferno of Joy," and the lead singer of Integrity sings on that. He's been a longtime fan of Mighty Spchincter. We just released a German import DVD of some of our historic videos, and it comes with a 15 page booklet. That's on Cathedral Music.

The video features classic performances from Phoenix, right?

Yeah, yeah, there's live cuts from the original band with Ron Reckless singing at Knights of Pythias, a night that we played with 45 Grave. Then there's a Halloween show with the Kingdom of Heaven lineup. That was the night we played with Flotsam and Jetsam. That was Jason's last show before he joined Metallica. And there's some cool stuff from a pretty historic place: The Patio.

How about new material?

I just finished a full length acoustic album, and that's what I'm going to be performing Friday night at Rip's. The rest of the band, we have a new drummer and bass player, lives in Salem, Oregon. Right now I'm in town finishing up the acoustic album and getting ready to head back to Salem to finish up our first full length 12-inch vinyl since the '80s. In April A389 is re releasing our last two CDs on vinyl, Rest in Peace New Orleans, which came out in 2006, and Holy Unholy, which came out in 1999. It's a double album. Almost 70 minutes of music.

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Rips Ales & Cocktails

3045 N. 16th St., Phoenix, AZ

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i really hope they tour the US and come to new york...this is great news. I hope they play all their classic tunes as well as the new stuff. MS is back!

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