Club Candids: NYE Takeover at The Lexington

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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
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"Good morning 2012!" was the rallying cry hollered by a young lass in full-on party mode just before dawn broke on New Year's Day at hip hotel the Lexington. The sky was drenched in imperial violet as the sun readied its leap over the horizon, which usually is the indicator that whatever all-night rager you're attending is about to wind down.

That certainly wasn't the case during the NYE Takeover, however, as dawn came and party kept going. And going, and going, and going. DJs like Deepfreq and Pablo Gomez kept spinning, those in attendance kept drinking, and the dance floor stayed hopping well until the afternoon.

club candids nye takeover too.JPG
Party Monsters, Inc.
After-hours instigator Quincy Ross rented out the entire top floor of the Lexington, arranging DJs and dance floors in many of the numerous suites. Each was like a club unto itself, offering house music in one room while choice old school hip-hop was being laid down in another.

Meanwhile, both music and people spilled out into the hallway, either to lean against the wall and catch a breather, or socialize with the rogue's gallery of scenesters, artists, gadabouts, or anyone else willing to incur a serious sleep debt in exchange for potent partying memories.

Needless to say, it was quite the epic affair. The Club Candids cameras were fortunate enough to witness the takeover firsthand, which we documented in this week's slideshow.

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That was wicked fun!...from what I recall...

Rex Reason
Rex Reason

Bottom picture:

"Another hipster sausage fest."

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