10 Local Releases to Look Forward To in 2012

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Black Carl
We're only a few days in to 2012, but it looks like local bands are already gearing up to issue brand new releases to usher the year in.

With songs sneaking onto the net as we write, we figured it was time to shed a light on what's coming up from some of the Valley's best. Did we miss something? Let us know what local release you're most excited about in 2012.

Here are the upcoming local albums we are most excited to hear.

Black Carl- The Fool
Black Carl wraps up their bluesy record club series at Crescent Ballroom on Saturday, January 7 with the release of The Fool on colored vinyl.

Miniature Tigers- Mia Pharaoh
Although technically a "Brooklyn" band, the Tigers have roots in Phoenix. The band is currently offering a free download of the joyful ditty, "Boomerang." After seeing them open for Tennis last month, I can say that Mia Pharaoh's songs will take the band in a dancy direction, picking up where "Gold Skull" left off.

Underground Cities

These epic, instrumental rockers are working on a debut full-length album, due sometime in February. The band has been playing the new songs live and they sound great so far.

2012 Album Promo from Underground Cities on Vimeo.

We are looking forward to what Owen Evan's 60's pop-inspired project ROAR has coming up. His fixation on Ronnie Spector and cats seems promising. He recently told us, "There's a new ROAR record due out any month now. I feel like I'm eight months pregnant. I just want that thing out of me at this point."

Hopefully the songwriter will go into labor soon.

St Ranger- Life Coach

The album is currently streaming on St. Ranger's BandCamp page, and it sounds pretty great so far. I'm sure it will sound even better once it's released on vinyl on February 16. St. Ranger plays dreamy indie pop a la Grizzly Bear and The Morning Benders that should accompany a trip to whatever destination is on the album cover.

What Laura Says

These nostalgic rockers have a new album in the works, and plan on issuing a single called "Fire Ring" before that. You can listen to an exclusive stream of the B-side, "Weekend Habit," right here.

The only thing Broloaf loves more than partying like the Jersey Shore cast is the Fourth of July. The band has a 7-inch record, a music video, and an outrageous show in the works to accompany its patriotism.

Authority Zero- Less Rhythm More Booze

Releasing a second live album is a risky move, but anyone who has seen these reggae rockers knows that they consistently put on a good show. Plus, Less Rhythm More Booze comes with a 70 minute DVD, so you can see Jason Devore lay into "Rattlin' Bog" over and over again.

Less Rhythm More Booze is due January 31.

Michelle Blades- Mariana

This ukulele wielding improvising songstress plans on releasing an album soon, and her voice sounds as striking as ever.

Sareena Dominguez

She made "Blue Christmas" feel warm and cozy, and now she's headed to the studio for more.

We're also looking forward to new releases from Colorstore, Seas Will Rise, and Deadman's Curse. The River Jones crew is busy this year, with Steff Koeppen & the Articles, Owl & Penny, Lillian Soderman, and Dylan Pratt also heading to the studio.

Please share what is missing and any local releases you can't wait to hear in the comments section.

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Andrew and His Feisty and Hug of War are putting out material.
Terra Firma, JJCnV is probably doing so. Ray Reeves is recording.


Veteran punk/thrash/metal band 80*D will be releasing their long-awaited (it's been six yrs since the last one) new album this year, and also the much anticipated music video to their epic song, Zombie Apocalypse.

Also on the horizon is The Jerk Officers' album which, btw, will be a great companions to Bro Loaf's...one can never have enough crass blasting out of their speakers.

Kip Dean
Kip Dean

So much great stuff coming from Tucson yet you mention a Brooklyn band.  Shame.  Go back to sleep.


Self serving yes. But Bears Of Manitou is gearing up for a debut full length release early 2012!

Jason P. Woodbury
Jason P. Woodbury

I want a record from North Dakota too -- but we have to be patient. I guess.

Jason P. Woodbury
Jason P. Woodbury

Thanks Fart! I love those bands, especially the Feisty Felines. Can't wait to hear that record.

Jason P. Woodbury
Jason P. Woodbury

I like the sound of "crass blasting out of my speakers, and not just "Crass blasting out of my speakers."

River Jones
River Jones

They're coming over to put vocals on a 5th song this Saturday :)


Crass with some local crass interludes...crass overdose?

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