Yaya Martinez on Sorrower, Young Spider, and Future Loves Past

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Welcome to the latest installment of our weekly feature, Sound Off, in which Jason P. Woodbury is joined by a different guest each week to listen to and discuss three tracks from local Phoenix artists. If you would like your songs to be considered for future Sound Off columns, please email music@newtimes.com.

This week's Sound Offer is Yaya Martinez, who hosts The Pulse, a show dedicated to underground hip-hop every Saturday 1-4 a.m. on Power 98.3. (Check out our video feature on Yaya.)

Martinez sat down to listen to three Phoenix tracks from metal band Sorrower, rapper Young Spider, and Future Loves Past.

Sorrower is a "grindcore, hardcore, punk, death" band from Phoenix. For more information, visit the band on Facebook.

Listen to Sorrower, "And Now You Are Dead to Me"

Yaya Martinez: That's definitely a song for my ex-boyfriend [laughs]. Everything they were saying probably relates to how I feel [about him].

Up on the Sun: It's hard to know exactly, but...

It sort of sounds like everything blurs into one, but they probably listen to rap music and feel the same way about that. If they are making moves on a track like this in their genre, I'm not mad at that at all.

Do you listen to much metal?

No, I don't. I used to listen to Metallica back in the day, but I know it's totally different compared to what it is now.

I liked it. Short and intense.

I just pictured a mosh pit. Like, "people are going to get crazy when this song comes on." Some people are going to get their ass kicked in the mosh pit for that one. If that's the goal, alright!

I usually listen to sludgier, slow stuff, but I liked it. It sounded pissed off.

That's what I got: Anger. I know they are mad at something.

It would be really funny to me if I got the lyric sheet and it the song was the exact opposite, just describing how happy they are and their puppies...

About their matching tattoos. But hey, if it works for them, more power to them.

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Tim Callaway
Tim Callaway

While I find it odd that they used one of our songs in this, I always find it interesting to hear what people who don't listen to our genre think of us. Glad it was someone who at least can appreciate the spirit of it and not someone who was just gonna bash it for being "noise." And yes, the puppy comment was very funny considering our singer's obssession with his dogs.


Future Loves Past's musical creations are in fact a labor of love. Intense scrutiny of everything they create visually and aurally make for an experience that never disappoints. However, if you like the EP I'd strongly recommend you go to a show. FLP are one of those rare special  bands that magically sounds BETTER live than they do on their album and nothing compares to being in the crowd when there's 100-200 people singing the chorus to "Mountain" or when the crowds being whipped into a dancing frenzy while they play "Earth", "Outsiders", and "Mean Love".


if only you guys knew how much the singer from Sorrower does in fact love his puppies hahaha


Hahaha, I'm glad that he likes puppies cause I'm a huge animal lover! Lol- my thing is if you're doing what you love and are making money at it then more power to you. Not everything that makes sense to you has to make sense to me in order for it to work and I can respect any genre of music as long as the artist stays true to themself. Hip-hop though? I'll be critical because I work in and with it. But keep going!

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