Total Lunar Eclipse of the Heart

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Melissa Fossum
Total eclipse...of the moon.
This weekend's lunar eclipses was exciting, especially if you were able to catch that elusive red moon.

If you were among those who got up early or stayed up late (it was a nice break after writing my X review) to check out the lunar eclipse early Saturday morning, you know it was a nice site. Unfortunately, due to neighbor's tree and exhaustion, I missed the big, red moon, and most of my pictures turned out like a waxing/waning moon as opposed to a big deal celestial happening.

The next partial eclipse falls on June 4, 2012, and we won't get another total eclipse until April 15, 2014, which is a bummer. But why spend your time pouting? That's plenty of time for Google Image searching and rocking out to this collection of moon songs to tide you over.

Bonnie Tyler- Total Eclipse of the Heart

It may not be as awesome as "Holding Out For a Hero," but this list just wouldn't be complete without this song. Plus, how many artists have songs with "eclipse" in the title?

Metric- Eclipse (All Yours)

Oh, that's right, a bunch of good bands soundtracked a crappy movie series and made the same music video over and over again.

Pink Floyd- Eclipse

Dark Side of the Moon is the best album to listen to while the moon is completely blacked out. The sky isn't as cool as Pink Floyd's laser shows, so you may need to bring a glow stick or two.

Echo & The Bunnymen- The Killing Moon

"The killing moon will come too soon," just like this lunar eclipse.
Nouvelle Vague did a great job of covering this song, too.

Feist- My Moon My Man

Leslie Feist does a little dance on a moving sidewalk while wishing that the eclipse would "take it slow" and "shed some light."

Nick Drake- Pink Moon

This would have been a great song to listen to while sipping a hot cocoa, wearing a cozy jacket, and waiting for the "pink, pink, pink moon."

Television- Marquee Moon

This whole album is a great soundtrack for watching the stars. You'd get a completely different picture at the beginning and end of this epic 11-minute song.

Ozzy Osbourne- Bark at the Moon

I'm sure plenty of weirdos metalheads felt the urge to howl at the moon this weekend.

Ludwig van Beethoven- Moonlight Sonata

Yeah, this song's kind of a bummer. Beethoven feels our pain of having to wait almost three years for another total eclipse.

Creedence Clearwater Revival- Bad Moon Rising

"I see trouble on the way." Yeah, staring at a solar eclipse is a bad idea.

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