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Sam Wiley of The Wiley One
​New York is a magical place for a lot of musicians. Frank Sinatra, Jay-Z, and U2 have all sung songs about The City That Never Sleeps, and joining the neverending roster is local folky pop band The Wiley One, with the band's new track "Thank You New York."

The song was inspired by The Wiley One singer Sam Wiley's experience traveling and performing with the New York Song Writers Circle in New York back in 2009.

"I was just so inspired by New York," Wiley says. "I remember walking during winter on Lexington Street observing the vibrant-moving mysterious city and thinking, 'I have to write a song about this!'

I immediately went up to my hotel room and immersed myself in creating a song, which I wanted to be about gratitude for New York."

When it came to crafting the music video, the concept was easy -- Wiley and his Sundawg Records label president (and video director) Matty Steinkamp simply recorded scenes of the city while walking around.

"For me, New York is inspiring because it is filled with almost every race, culture and language in the world and I love people, travel, etc.," Wiley says. "I was amazed and inspired by how intelligent and worldly New Yorkers are. It's just filled with so much culture, food and, of course, all types of music. To me it is truly the capital city of the world."

Wiley says he hopes people who see the video will be inspired by the vibrance of the city and take a risk to follow their dreams. Wiley's doing just that, as he gears up to release his sophomore album, Kill It with Love, on, appropriately, Valentine's Day 2012. The 14-track album was produced by Gardner Cole, and Wiley says it's his best material to date.

"Overall, the theme of the album is about persevering through the struggles of life," Wiley says. After the album drops, expect a bicoastal tour by the band.

Check out the video, along with lyrics, for "Thank You New York" below, and log on to for more info on the band.

Thank You New York lyrics

Walking down the street tonight, something just ain't feelin right, make me lose my appetite
I push it down, but it's creeping once again
Gonna leave this town, competition all around, they pile it up on my shoulders 'til there's nothing real in this world, no, not at all
So I get up on to the plane and leave right now
Intuition I can't ignore, take a chance see what's in store, nine to five is such a bore
I break it down what I'm feeling in my mind, I see city lights, sky scrapping soaring heights, the people walking and weaving, the sidewalk streets are all steaming towards the sky
So I get up on to that train and don't ask why

I think I leave down to New York, I pack up my six string and go where the stars sing, the city gonna shine on me New York, with no hesitation I found inspiration in New York
Cause I thank you, New York

I get there and plant my seed, play 'til my fingers bleed, sing 'til I lose my voice they got me running and riffing to the sound
When I'm down and out, I hit the town and play the crowd, 'til someone hears me and feels it, they'll reel me in and I'll take it when I'm found
So I get up on to that plane and leave right now

'Cause you gotta take a chance sometime and leave down to New York
I pack up my six string and go where the stars sing, the city gonna shine on me New York, with no hesitation I found inspiration, the city gonna dawn on me New York
I pack up my six string and go where the stars sing, the city put the love in me New York, with no hesitation I found inspiration in New York
'Cause I love you New York
'Cause I miss you New York
'Cause I thank you New York
'Cause I thank you New York

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Jim Testa
Jim Testa

Frank Sinatra didn't write songs.  You're thinking of "New York, New York" written by Kander & Ebb for the Liza Minelli film of the same name.

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