The Serene Dominic Show: Jim Adkins, Amy Uzi, Drunk & Horny, Source Victoria

Jim Adkins and your host Serene Dominic
Nobody does TV specials like this for Christmas anymore, and after reading this yuleblog you'll know why. It's a lot of head-snapping work, flashing back and then flashing ahead forward to the present again, then flashing back, each time having to remember to bring the holiday magic and the vidcam with you.

Serene Dominic's Christmas Memories™ flashes way forward to the year 2023 for this clip-riddled 25th anniversary blowout which includes Drunk and Horny, Source Victoria, poet Amy Uzi and from Jimmy Eat World, the inimitable Jim Adkins.

Please note: Each of the four segments is hallmarked by friends dropping-by others friends' houses unannounced, a festive faux pas by 2011 holiday standards, but something that will be perfectly acceptable behavior according to Christmas manners experts of the future. Unbelievable, yet true!

In Part 1, besides the horrific sight of Serene Dominic in the future and Serene Dominic at home without his style-minders around, we get a visit from Ryan Avery and Andrew Jemsek, that didactic duo better known as Drunk and Horny, although we were to bashful to ask which one was which. Get out your whiplash neck brace as we race from the future to the present to the past for one particularly blustery Arizonan day. The merry makers perform their contribution to the as-yet-released Jim Henson Tribute Album--a song favored by Ralph entitled "I Never Harmed an Onion." Incidentally, the boys refer to an attempt to raise money for a D&H album release on vinyl and since that hasn't yet happened yet, there's still time to pledge your donations and make their Christmas wish come true.

In Part 2, Serene visits Source Victoria, who all live together in one house just like the Monkees unless they lied to Benji, our show's chronicler. When group founders Brendan Murphy and Aaron Wendt find out that Serene never videotaped the massive rock concert they staged in his carport four years ago to mark the release of their first album, they decide to restage everything as if it were 2007. The band has a brilliant new CD, Slow Luck, available on iTunes, Bandcamp and other fine stores but since this is the ghost of Christmas past, they perform "Opportunistic" from the debut album, which is no longer available at Bambergers for the low, low price of just $3.99! Thanks to Brendan's four lovely daughters for stage directing us throughout this segment and reminding us with their giggles to keep it real. Real stupid, that is.

In Part 3, Serene is visited by poet Amy L. Ouzoonian a/k/a Amy Uzi, whom he met at the Wednesday Weekly Open Mike at Conspire which she will co-host starting in January. You can purchase her latest anthology, You Pill, at Foothill Publishing. A first for this vidcast, she performs an EXCLUSIVE-DIRECT-TO-YOU-POEM™ entitled "The Day After Christmas." (Yes, I know we spelled her name wrong on the credits. Fear not, that intern has been fired!)

In Part 4, Serene informs us that future Bleed American President James Adkins was once a member of a band called Jimmy Eat World. We go deep into The Serene Dominic Show vault to unearth this 2007 appearance which invaded Jim's holiday cheer and forced him to make some impromptu tough decisions for our LIGHTNING ROUND™. Of all the guests to ever appear on our vidcast, no one has ever agonized over the outcome the way Jim does here. Just watch the sweat caking on his brow like Meryl Streep in Sophie's Choice when he is forced to decide between Rick Allen and a slot machine.

Happy Holidays everyone and remember "SERENE DOMINIC'S CHRISTMAS MEMORIES™", "THE LIGHTNING ROUND™", "A-DIRECT-TO-YOU-POEM™" and "THE CAPITAL OF APATHY IS WHO CARES™" are ALL Serene Dominic registered trademarks.

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