Closed for Business: The White House in Scottsdale

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Benjamin Leatherman
The White House in Scottsdale (2009-2011)
There are plenty of signs that The White House in Scottsdale is no longer in operation: The doors are locked tight, the lights are switched off, the liquor's all gone, and the sound system is silent.

And here's the biggest sign of all: A large "For Lease" placard hangs on its front door, advertising its availability to anyone looking to rent the Craftsman Court property.

The White House, which opened in 2009 and featured a façade mimicking Washington D.C.'s most famous residence, quietly closed down in recent weeks, adding another vacant spot to a street that once teemed with nightspots aplenty. At one time (read: five years ago), Craftsman Court was home to a half-dozen establishments -- like ACME, Upper Deck Sports Grill, and NEXT -- that drew in drinkers by the thousands. Now there are only a handful of establishments left.

While Craftsman Court is still a popular place to visit after sundown -- as Dos Gringos, BS West, and the newly opened Rockbar bring in countless clubgoers every weekend -- there's now  one less place to get your drink on.

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