Real Estate at The Sail Inn, 11/14/11

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Nicole Smith
I'm not stoked on the current sound of "indie." Real Estate play things more on the traditional jangle pop/C86 side of things, but the band fits into the nebulous state of indie rock circa 2011 -- chillwave over there, lo-fi in the corner, new wave revivalism out back.

The pretentious assholes trying to discover the next big indie band on Sirius/XM are just as annoying to me as they are to you.
Which was precisely why I was hesitant about going to see this band at The Sail Inn. Yep, there were a bunch of pretentious indie kids packing the place, but Real Estate's performance deserved more credit.
Nicole Smith
Real Estate sounds exactly like the do on tape -- minus a few glitches with the sound guy, who seemed to have trouble throughout the night, starting with opening acts (and local hot dude rocker icon) Ryan Rousseau and His (aptly named) Desert Children and Garden State rockers Big Troubles.

The small number in attendance had me worried: Were there weird crossover fans at GWAR and Black Carl? Eh, not really. Once 10:30 hit, Real Estate brought a crowd.

The band has a pleasant, downcast Galaxie 500 feel, but mostly, they sound like any other college-radio fave or coffee-house playlist band. A few times, on songs like "Suburban Dogs" and show closer "Younger Than Yesterday," they roused me from my sleepy state with sophisticated interplay and swoon-worthy riffs.

But mostly, I just wanted to nap. 

Critic's Notebook   

Last Night: Real Estate at The Sail Inn

Persoanl Bias: Pitchfork gave their new album, Days, a "best new music" rating. Here's what I think about that: [crickets]

The Crowd: Dudes. Lots and lots of dudes, both young and old (but mostly college-kid-young), ready and willing to party in their cardigans.

Overheard: Chick making her way to the front of the stage to use women's bathroom: "Could the placement of these bathroom be more inconvenient?

Random Notebook Dump: I'm kinda bored.

Real Estate's Set List:

The Jam
Beach Comber
Kinder Bluemen
Green Aisles
Suburban Dodge
Wonder Years
It's Real
Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow (Felt cover)
Younger Than Yesterday

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Sail Inn - CLOSED

26 S. Farmer Ave., Tempe, AZ

Category: Music

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Abby Gilmore
Abby Gilmore

Definitely not a snooze-fest, in my opinion.

What were you expecting?

Also, they closed with All the Same.

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