Peachcake Hosts Paint for Peace on World AIDS Day (Free Mix)

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Stefan Pruett of Peachcake
For as much awareness that has been brought upon HIV in recent years, it's still called an "unhuggable" disease because of the stigmas and misconceptions surrounding it -- though, no, hugging someone with AIDS will not cause you to catch it yourself (duh).

In an effort to educate community members and do something beneficial for HIV/AIDS patients, HEAL International, "a nonprofit organization that provides healthcare, microfinance, and health education to resource limited communities," and local electro pop band Peachcake have teamed up for the 4th Annual World AIDS Day Paint for Peace, where attendees may come and paint canvas artworks that will be sewn into the Memorial AIDS Quilt. Peachcake and local dance crew Elektrolytes will perform at the free event, which goes down Thursday, December 1 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Old Main lawn on the Arizona State University campus.

While the event may be fun and light-hearted, HEAL International local chapter president and event coordinator Amanda Stadel hopes attendees realize the seriousness of the disease.

"HIV/AIDS is not like any other disease in so many ways," Stadel says. "Many living with HIV are living in fear, not of their diagnosis or the progression of their disease but because of the judgement and discrimination they face in the eyes of the community. We hope to one day live in a peaceful world that begins with accepting each other, without prejudice or blame, as we are, for who we are."

In honor of the event, Peachcake singer Stefan Pruett put together a nine-song mix of tracks he says were chosen after he put himself in an AIDS patient's shoes -- of someone who desires love and doesn't want to be judged. You can listen to the mix below, and expect to hear mostly new material from Peachcake during their set at the event, with performances of tracks from their current EP, This Wasn't Our Plan

Pruett, who conceived the Paint for Peace event and has been coordinating it with HEAL International for the past 4 years, says while the HIV/AIDS cause is overwhelming, he hopes the event can do even a small part to create some positive change.

"Art is a very odd but powerful medium that plays off the abstract parts of our world, but it also instills a message of whatever people want to perceive from it, and that can really go a long way," Pruett says. "It just made so much sense to bring this catharsis full circle, into something that's seemingly impossible to overcome. I think the biggest revelation for me through all this was, really, the power of hope and love is great, and that's something that I think in the long run no disease will be able to defeat."

For more information on Paint for Peace on World AIDS Day, log on here.

World AIDS Day. Peachcake's Save The World Mix. by Peachcake

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