Immortal Technique to Play Sound Strike Benefit Show in Phoenix

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​"There is no better time, or more perfect setting, for the powerful voice and uplifting message of Immortal Technique." That's how a Sound Strike press release reads regarding an upcoming performance by the Harlem-based rapper to benefit AZ-based human rights organization Puente. The press release continues: "The boycott strategy has been the most effective and successful effort against the winds of hatred blowing through the State of Arizona."

Immortal Technique is scheduled to perform at the new Puente offices (1306 E. Van Buren), on Friday, November 18. Though opening acts, admission (which will benefit Puente), and exact time have not been announced, Sound Strike organizer Javier Gonzales confirmed that Immortal Technique will be bringing other acts with him to DJ and open the show.

Gonzales also confirmed that the Sound Strike is working on more benefit shows in Phoenix and Tucson.

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Allan Farris
Allan Farris

Immortal is by far the best MC of the era! I can't wait to check this show out.!!


Yes. Great artist, supporting a great cause. Technique is not afraid to stand for what he believes in or speak his mind on issues affecting everyday people like you and me. Not to mention a great mc.

Allan Farris
Allan Farris

Sinseven, Whats up with 7's? They were brought to me by a friend and I now see them all around me with like minded people. 7 what? 7th son? Seven sins? Seventh king? Seventh life??Revelations mentions 7 angles, seven lamps and seven headed dragons but it still doesn't tell of the relevent meaning of the number itself.It only confirms the evergrowing meaning to me seeing that your into immortal technique and you like sevens.

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