Guns N' Roses To Welcome Comerica Theatre to the Jungle on December 27

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​Like most of you, I was pretty surprised by that Radiohead concert announcement, but you know, this one might actually take the cake: Guns N' Roses is coming to Comerica Theatre on Tuesday, December 27.

G N' R fans might be soured by the current lineup (Axl backed by DJ Ashba on guitar, Dizzy Reed on keyboards, Tommy Stinson on bass, Richard Fortus on guitar, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal on guitar, Chris Pitman on keyboards and Frank Ferrer on drums), and I get it. The Axl Rose and Friends sting rings true, but still, the chance to hear "It's So Easy" live at Comerica?

Recent reviews like Maura Johnston's from our sister blog Sound of the City only make me feel more optimistic: "Perhaps even more important to the night's thrill and bombast than the personnel switches was the fact that [Rose] seemed if not happy at least more content than the character sketched out in the lyrics of ballads like "Estranged" and "Patience"; he still wailed the nihilistic rhymes of "It's So Easy" and "Mr. Brownstone" convincingly while the band ripped on behind him, but there was an easiness that bubbled to the surface periodically, whether in his brief snippets of stage banter or the impromptu kickline he formed with Ashba near the show's end."

Even more surprising than the announcement is how soon the show is scheduled. Tickets go on sale Monday, December 5, at 10 a.m. at Livenation, and the show is scheduled for Tuesday, December 27.

I think I know what a lot of classic rock fans are getting for Christmas!

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Music Man
Music Man

If you are dumb enough to buy a ticket, you need to know that you have a 75% chance of NOT seeing them perform!  One of four things will happen:1.  They won't show up2.  They will show up several hours late3.  The show will be cancelled4.  They will actually show up on time & perform

Know that by spending your hard-earned money to buy a ticket at a ridiculous price to see a GNR COVER BAND (all concert ticket prices have gotten out of control, thank you very much for starting this, Eagles!), you have a 25% chance of actually seeing them perform!  THIS IS NOT & NEVER WILL BE GUN'S 'N' ROSES!  THEY SHOULD JUST CALL IT THE AXL ROSE BAND!  I DID see the REAL GNR, who were great....unlike this "cover band" with a washed up, bloated jackass singing!

Brad Dwyer
Brad Dwyer

I'm super stoked that Lenny Kravitz is now the lead singer of G'nR (if that first photo is to be believed). He should totally get that chick with the afro from the "Are you gonna go my way?" video to play drums!

Art Vandalay
Art Vandalay

dont trust alex rose he will rip you off $$$. he likes to walk off stage or not even show up on stage right before the concert. he is a mental whack job brat who has a anxiety mental disorder problem.  he didnt even get on the stage at sturgis bike week in south dakota a few years ago because there was not 10,000 people in the crowd. he is a punk dont trust thus guy! he is a rip off.

Da Bronx Bad Boy
Da Bronx Bad Boy

 hey your that pseudo old man tough guy wannabee who hates the hells angels but never backs it up with any actual violent actions. your all talk and no action alehound.

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