Up on the Sun's Halloween (Video) Mixtape

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Screamin' Jay wishes you a happy Halloween.
We know it's a school/work night and all, but it's still Halloween, which means you have a perfect excuse for shucking off the Monday blues and getting creepy. There's plenty going on around the Valley: indie-punk supergroup Wild Flag are scheduled to rock Rhythm Room, the excellent Shannon & The Clams invade The Trunk Space, The Glass Heroes take over Hollywood Alley, Earth Crisis reveal the horrifying realities of environmental destruction at The Underground, Otoacoustic Emmissions features drone sounds in Tempe, and Joe Walsh drags his zombie like corpse to Wild Horse Pass.

We love Halloween here at Up on the Sun HQ (and not just because of mini-Snickers bars, but we love those, too). There's nothing like a good themed playlist to start the day, so we present to you the 2011 Up on the Sun Halloween (Video) Mixtape. You may notice that classics like The Misfits' "Halloween," "The Monster Mash," and the Ghostbusters theme are missing. With our list, we tried to get a little farther out there. So venture into the realms of darkness with us, and try to keep the volume on the your computer speakers from arousing the ire of your boss.

Sonic Youth, "Halloween"

What's scarier? This song or that fact that Kim and Thurston have shattered the Alternative Nation's faith in true love?

Scientist, "Dance of the Vampires"

We've got Mormon vampires, Southern vampires, CW vampires, and real life vampires. But where is the TV show/book series about crazed, dubbed out creatures of the night?

Ween, "Demon Sweat"

Sometimes demons can be soulful, smooth dudes.

Kanye West, "Monster"

Okay, so Jay's verse is more Universal Monsters than actual spooky, but Nicki Minaj is totes terrifying.

Tracy [Morgan] Jordan, "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah"

"Spooky scary/Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves."

Will Smith, "A Nightmare on My Street"

Just don't click on all those "click here" popups. That shit is scary...

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