Ron Paul's "Rock the Revolution" Tour Coming to Tempe

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​On the official Rock the Revolution site, presidential candidate Ron Paul says: "I always knew that if you were going to have a revolution, you needed two things. Young people, and music."

Well -- looks like he has the music part locked down with Rock the Revolution Concert, scheduled to be held Thursday, November 3, at Club Red in Tempe.

Details on who will headline the concert are not ready to be announced (but the press release hints that it's probably rapper KRS One). National acts scheduled to play include Europa, Per Capita, Voice of Independence, and Rise, Consise & Krookid (and I've never heard of any of those bands), with Captain Squeegee (of "9/11 Was An Inside Job" fame), Property Six, and Sun Ghost providing local support. Pretty heavy on the hip-hop for a guy who has long been accused of thinly veiled racism.

While Republican candidates and popular music usually make for strange bedfellows (ahem) Paul earns a decent amount of support from the anti-war, pro-weed crowd (who I am sure as passionate about the gold standard as they are ending the war on drugs).

I will be speaking with Trevor Denton (Sun Ghost) and Danny Torgerson (Captain Squeegee) next week about Paul, immigration, and how going back to the gold standard would benefit the local music scene (I think that's the stance, at least).

Here's KRS One's "Can't Wake Up." Presumably this is the kind of political commentary that Ron Paul is in to:

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Club Red

1308 W. University Dr., Mesa, AZ

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This should be an interesting show to say the least. I'll be out just to support Ron.

 Sad to see such a poorly written article though. I know it's become hip (read: mainstream media telling you) to hate on Ron, but quite frankly it's the opposition that brings up weed more than any Ron Paul supporter. You generalize and stereotype and you weren't even witty about it. Lame stuff Jason. 

Support Ron Paul. Without a gold standard the dollar is just fiat currency backed by the "good word" of a non-government entity known as the FED.


So no one is paying attention to Paul's Tea Party shit, eh?


ron paul rules looking forward to this hope it makes it to ohio

Benjo Widwitz
Benjo Widwitz

"Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks."  KRS-One headlining a tour for this guy is so strange.


I forgot Ron Paul hand selected these artists to reflect his views perfectly......oh wait that's crazy talk and completely ignores the actual process of putting on a show like this. Just because KRS supports Ron doesn't mean Ron fully supports KRS. Most bands avoid being political so it can be difficult to get bands. You guys are looking for reasons to be against this. Stop being petty.

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