Que Se Vende: Impacto Musical Top Selling Albums of the Week

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Want to know what new release discs and platters are moving across the Valley at local record stores? We've got you covered with another installment of What's Selling.

Shopping at Spanish language record shops is a whole lot different than a regular trip to your local Zia Record Exchange. Discotecas are spread across the valley and usually combine storefronts with joyerias; jewelry shops.

For this weeks installment we travel to Phoenix Marketplace on the west side of town to see what's rocking our Spanish-speaking brethren.

In case you haven't been, Phoenix Marketplace is an indoor swap-meet style locale occupying what looks like an old Target or K-Mart on the corner of Thomas and 67th Avenue. Inside you'll see a labyrinth of boutiques where you can find anything from cell phone repair shops to hair salons. We visited Impacto Musical to get the low down on their fastest moving albums.

El Komander - Y Seguimos La Borrachera

A man who incorporates an image of an AK-47 into the spelling of his name, El Komander knows a thing or two about keeping it gangster. Boozing, hangovers, and corridos are the not-so-subtle undertones of this album.

Voz de Mando - De Corazon Ranchero

A quintet made up of musicians from Sinaloa and Baja California can't go wrong when it comes to accordion-driven norteño's.

Gerado Ortiz - El Rey Del Corrido

A singer of narcocorridos or drug ballads, Ortiz survived an attempt on his life earlier this year when gunmen opened fire on his SUV. His driver and a representative died in the attack. Narcocorridos embellish the stories of drug runners and their exploits.

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