Digital Summer Drummer Ben Anderson Plays Contra on Drums

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​Local success story Digital Summer has a lot of fans around the Valley and nationwide after touring with hard rock draws like Sevendust, Saliva, and Drowning Pool. I'm not one of those fans; the band plays the kind of crunchy, nu-metal drives me up a wall.

But like I said, a lot of people like them, and we even put them on the cover of our paper back in 2008. Plus, the band's "extra-rockular" activities (you know, day jobs) make it nearly impossible to hate on them personally. Vocalist Kyle Winterstein is currently a firefighter; Guitarist Ian Winterstein, is a paramedic. Guitarist "Fish" Cenfield is a teacher; Bassist "Guido" Hernandez is a student; and drummer Ben Anderson is a studio engineer.

Anderson often posts videos on his YouTube page of him playing drums, rocking along to stuff you might expect, like August Burns Red, to less expected fare, like Imogen Heap and 'NSync. But nothing tops his proggy take on the 8-bit sounds of the original Nintendo Entertainment System's classic Contra, which he uploaded on Thursday, October 13. Anderson tears through the "Jungle Theme," with camera at his foot so you can witness the bass-pedal action.

Check it out:

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The Minibosses have already been there and done that check them out!!!!


Gotta love the spectrum of talent. The author may not like the music, but damn you can't deny their charisma. Well done again fellas!

Rivera Jlt14
Rivera Jlt14

These guys are freakin awesome:) Talentedin so many diff. Ways Good for ya!!!!!!

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