Bummed Out that Korn is Going Dubstep? Brian "Head" Welch's New Song May Help Ease Your Pain

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​Are you the kind of Korn fan that's bummed out that the band's new single, "Get Up" features Skrillex (of "macho-izing dubstep" and "Girls That Look Like Skrillex" fame) and abandons the band's nü-metal sound in favor of...well...a kind of dubsteppy nü-metal sound?

Fear not -- Brian "Head" Welch, the former Korn guitarist and Jesus-loving Phoenix resident -- is here to help. His new single, "Paralyzed" doesn't hop on any electronic bandwagons. Nope. It's straight up down-tuned mook metal you would expect from a guy who was in Korn, the kind radio metal you'd swear went out of style in 2001(but didn't -- people still love this stuff).

The song doesn't actually use the words "God" or "Jesus," but you can tell that Welch is still singing "hosanna in the highest," or at least the metal version of that: "I'm dying inside (knowing it's my fault)/Crying with might (fist against the wall)/Can't get away/I swear I'm gonna break/I'm paralyzed/I need you now."

Head's single was released on October 4, with a new EP "scheduled to be released early 2012."

Korn's new album, The Path of Totality (which follows the dubstep flavor of "Get Up") is scheduled to be released on December 6, 2011.

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