10 Band Merch Items to Turn Into Halloween Costumes

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Ellen Degeneres Snooki poof.jpg
No one can pull off dressing as Snooki's hair other than Ellen DeGeneres. No one.
​It's that time of year again. Halloween is nearly here, and you're lacking the creativity to come up with an epic costume.

We're here to help.

When all else fails (or if you're just really enthusiastic about music), dress up as your favorite band. Plenty of artists are offering merch that easily doubles as a Halloween costume. No matter what your taste in music, we've got 10 ideas that include a little something for everyone.

The Black Keys dress up kit: Yes, I bought it and yes, it's awesome. The two-piece kit includes "one pair of glasses kinda like Pat's and one false beard vaguely suggestive of Dan's real one." I'm going to look like an air-drumming nerd and my air-guitaring boyfriend is going to wear the fake, flat beard over his real one. You bet we're going to look cheesy and fucking fantastic.

The Black Keys dress up kit.jpg
Warner Brothers Records
Sexy KISS minidresses: If you're a girl that loves paying tribute to her favorite band of the late 70s, then dig these KISS costumes for chicks. They provide a sexy take on the rockers' get-ups.

Sexy KISS.jpg
Insane Clown Posse ski masks: It's almost as if ICP wears face paint just so that Juggalos will always have an easy costume to fall back on. This year, ditch the Juggalo outfit and upgrade to a wicked clown look.

Insane Clown Posse ski mask.jpg
Gucci Mane bandana and ice cream cone tattoo: Now here's a great way to dress up like a jackass for Halloween. Nothing screams "not classy" quite like a tattoo of a damn ice cream cone on your cheek. The Brick Squad bandana will make it look even more convincing.

Gucci Mane tattoo and bandana.jpg
Warner Brothers Records
Michael Jackson "Thriller" jacket: It may be a played out idea, but now that the Conrad Murray court case is back in full swing, why not break out a Thriller jacket and put on some dancing shoes? You're probably going to hear "Thriller" at a Halloween party anyway, so you might as well dress the part when you do the dance.

Michael Jackson Thriller jacket.jpg
The Flaming Lips skeleton: Even though this item is from the Flaming Lips' March of 1,000 Flaming Skeletons, it's always in fashion when it's Halloween.

The Flaming Lips skeleton.jpg
Warner Brothers Records
Eminem "Hi My Name Is" shirt: It's kind of a lazy costume, but if people read your shirt, they'll know who you dressed up to look like. Just put some bleach in your hair a la 2002 and you're good to go.

Eminem hi my name is shirt.jpg
Owl City onesie pajamas: This button-up adult onesie has got to be one of the lamest things I've ever seen. But if you like shitty music and cozy pajamas, go for it, I guess. Plus, Lindsey Holder and I guarantee you'll never get laid if you wear this.

Owl City onesie pajamas.jpg
The Aquabats rash guard, goggles and anti-negativity helmet: If you're traveling to Halloween parties in a pack, dress up together as the Aquabats. You'll be the most badass team on the block.

The Aquabats rashguard.jpg
The Aquabats goggles and anti-negativity helmet.jpg
Devo yellow jumpsuit and energy dome: Disclaimer: you'll probably have people approaching you just to sing the chorus of "Whip It" about 50 more times than you want to hear it in a single evening.

Devo yellow jumpsuit.jpg
Devo energy dome.jpg
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