Weezer, Black Label Society, Keith Urban, and More Cancel Phoenix Dates

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"(If You're Wondering If Weezer Will Play Phoenix On November 2) They Won't."
​Look, I've had my differences with Weezer. The band has done some things in the past decade that I have a hard time forgiving. But Hurley, the band's last record, wasn't that bad, and I was into seeing them at the State Fair -- because what is the State Fair for if not seeing bands you kind of want to see?

But my hopes have been dashed -- along with those of folks wanting to see Keith Urban, Black Label Society, Dave Matthews Band affiliated guitarist Tim Reynolds, and more. We've got a whole spate of canceled gigs to report about. And that sucks. Even more than "Troublemaker."

There's no sign of anything other than coincidence linking these cancellations, but it sure does suck to lose all these shows.

Canceled gigs:

Tim Reynolds and TR3, Monday, Sept. 19, at the Rhythm Room.

Black Label Society, Friday, October 2 at Foundry on First.

Keith Urban, Friday, October 7, at Jobing.com Arena.

Miami Horror October 28, at Crescent Ballroom.

Weezer, November 2 at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Arizona State Fair.

Refunds available at point of purchase.

And now, a Weezer song that doesn't blow to cheer you up:

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Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez

Miami Horror canceled? That is rough - I was looking forward to hearing about that show.


Do you guys have any news on the potentially cancelled/postponed Del the Funky Homosapien shows?


wow, this is a HORRIBLE article. how about some investigative reporting with this paper. well, i guess since the paper is FREE, this is what you get!

Sam EsDeck DeCross
Sam EsDeck DeCross

I was expecting a correlation between the cancellations and The Sound Strike. I hope they aren't all so desperate as to associate with those yay-hoos. Hopefully they'll swing on by sometime soon!

Jason P. Woodbury
Jason P. Woodbury

Best we know it's still a go -- still listed on the Luckyman site.


They were yesterday, but now I don't see the show on LuckyMan's site. Yet no announcements on Del's site, Facebook, or Twitter, or LuckyMan's site, Facebook, or Twitter.

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