Snake! Snake! Snakes! Explain "We Come Out At Night"

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This year has been kind of fantastic for Phoenix indie-rockers, Snake! Snake! Snakes! Aside from making their way into the trailer of the independent film Tanner Hall, their song "We Come Out At Night" is in The Morning Infidelity's top 25 list of the year's best local songs, and the formidable foursome are one of five finalists in our readers poll for best local band.

Not too shabby.

Songwriter/vocalist Jon Messenger explains how "We Come Out At Night" came together to make the anthemic sound that combines pop rhythms, catchy licks and brooding vocals that is catching people's ears.

"To tell you the truth, I'd rather let the listener take what they want out of the song to develop an intimate relationship to their experiences," Messenger says.

He divulges that the song came from a particularly dark time in his life, but states: "I never gave up on myself and through this terrible period, I eventually managed to get back on my feet and become a much stronger person.

So with that said, the song "We Come Out At Night" (to me) is a statement of understanding to others that are, or have been, in my shoes, expressing to never give up on yourself and everything eventually works out in the end."

02 We Come Out At Night by Snake!Snake!Snakes!

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Dave Brookhouser
Dave Brookhouser

hmmmm "Pooper Popper" ... what year is it? Like 1982? I mean, who flames on-line anymore and then does so with a fucking alias hiding behind his little Windows based computer like a scared little scared pussy? ... "Pooper" if you actually believed in your own opinions wouldn't you be man enough to OWN THEM and to say it loud and proud WITH YOUR NAME IN BIG BOULD CAPITOL LETTERS!?  ...

So "Pooper" or should I call you "the man who influences many with his great reputation for terrific taste in a wide range of art forms" ... I'm sure you are truly Phoenix's hidden "king maker" of the music scene ... No it's not Kimber Lanning ... No it's not Charlie Levey, No!!!! It's you "Pooper"! It's YOU who is out there making positive changes promoting incredibly talented yet struggling artists and helping them reach/connect with a much needed audience! 

So thank you "Pooper" for not being one of this little cry baby winers who have done absolutely nothing to promote positive change in the local music scene. It's people like you "Popper", hiding behind those ranting anonymous comments who really deserve to be respected as someone with good taste.

We the people of Phoenix thank you Pooper ... You are the real deal! We all have learned a great deal from you, and we thank you for all you have done for us and the music scene!

Peace and Love ... Peace and Love!


(602) 262-6151620 West Washington Street, Phoenix

(if ya' wanna man up  ... you know where to find me ... I'm right here for ya' baby)

Peter Pooper Popper
Peter Pooper Popper

this is a hilarious article.....I'm not sure if making the top 25 local songs on some tacky & tasteless rinky dink operation like the Morning Infidelity is really anything to be proud of....Why even mention it?  I mean, they have poor taste....Making the top 25 of someone with shitty taste is not exactly a badge of honor...Same with getting voted "the best band in phoenix" by Brookhouser......Nothing against the Snakes, of course.

Dave Brookhouser
Dave Brookhouser

awesome response: i.e. " I'd rather let the listener take what they want out of the song" ... I love it! I only wish I could read those damned lyrics on the ep! 


Christopher Sanchez
Christopher Sanchez

Wow, man. The Morning Infidelity folks are actually doing a great job getting the names of a lot of bands out there.  Though I might not dig some of the stuff being played, isn't the point of the whole show about 'votes'? Are you mad because nobody else likes what you like? Get over it, dude. And Brookhouser is a great kisser. That's all I really can say about the guy. TMI, you're doing a great job, keep it up! David Leanne Brookhouser, call me. ;[)

Don't be so mean Peter!

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