Sister Cities Get Love From NPR

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​Big ups to the folks over at NPR's All Songs Considered blog. Today they featured Sister Cities, the Phoenix band that our own Christina Caldwell wrote up back in August, telling the tale of the band's global roots and dream-pop sound.

"If you're a band from the west coast, you play "sunny" music. At least that's the assumption. And for the most part the Arizona-based band, Sister Cities follows suit, admitting that it's a little tough to be unhappy when the sun is always's hard not to notice when keyboardist Ana Barraza starts hammering down on the keys. The cacophony breaks up the monotony. The angelic "oohs" disappear. A welcomed darkness finds its way in," writes NPR's Shannon Carlin.

The blog also features Sister Cities excellent "White Dress" video, shot on location at Goldfield Ghost Town.

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