Manu Chao Stands in Solidarity with Sheriff Joe Arpaio Protesters (Video)

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Photos by Anthony Sandoval
It was a familiar sight in front of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's downtown office yesterday afternoon. Another assembly of a dozen protesters or so had gathered and members of the media were waiting in tow.

Word eventually reached Joe that some multilingual, slightly-famous international recording artist was on his way to play some music or something. "Is he gonna sing my favorite song 'My Way,'" Arpaio asks.

Not quite Joe. This "singer-guy" happens to be Manu Chao and um, he's kind of a big deal.

Ahead of tonight's free Alto Arizona concert across the street from El Portal Restaurant at West Grant and S. 2nd Avenue, Manu stopped by the Wells Fargo building Arpaio has called home since 1998, to stand in solidarity with the protesters who have gathered tirelessly in an effort to oust the sheriff.

"A lot of people here are trying to fight against these new laws and I think it's important to come and see what's happening with my own eyes and do my part to better the world," Manu says. "My message [to Arpaio] would be, that it makes no sense to make more people suffer for something that is naturally coming. You cannot make war against a flow that is natural."

Other countries, such as Manu's native France and Spain, are dealing with immigration issues such as Arizona's. He says that around the world, the negative sentiment toward illegal immigration is also shrouded in hypocrisy. "We're here because we also know of this problem," he says in Spanish. He compares the treatment of illegals in Arizona to that of those in Europe, calling it a "terrible injustice."

"That [kind of treatment] doesn't lead to a good future in any society," he says.

It didn't take long for word of Arizona's own bigoted laws to travel across the ocean. The news, he explains, is that the situation regarding immigrants, illegals in particular, has reached a critical mass. They've also heard of the paranoia and fear immigrants feel when they go to buy bread, and face the possibility that they may not return home.

He hopes that this visit will offer Arizona immigrants some kind of support.

A mantra he repeated throughout the afternoon was that, "the youth is in the south; the west is old." A reference to the young legs immigrants are starting to stretch, compared to the old dogmatic rhetoric Arpaio and his ilk have spewed for years. "That's not poetry, that's a reality. Any kind of society needs youth."

Manu did in fact sing a song for Sheriff Joe, but it wasn't anything popularized by old blue eyes. He sang "Clandestino," ending his verse with, "Mano Negra, clandestino, Mexicano, clandestino, Boliviano, clandestino, Joe Arpaio, illegal."

Manu Chao - Clandestino by Because Music

Arpaio may not have caught the serenade but he couldn't have been happy with Manu Chao's appearance. Upon Chao's arrival, the crowd of protesters and media shifted almost all of their attention to him. Arpaio waited patiently to engage this "singer" in dialogue but eventually threw in the towel and made his way back up to his lair.

"You can tell your singer has no guts to talk to the sheriff, I'm leaving."

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Lily- Peruana ILEGAL!!
Lily- Peruana ILEGAL!!

we are all immigrants!.... who owns this lands the native americans..thats it...but the natives have been robbed of their land, and now the "American Workers(who were once immigrants)" protest against people trying to come to the United States for a better future (when their ancestors did the same). By the way, there is no necessity to have a social security to do income tax, a person may use a TIN, some people just pay taxes with the fake numbers that they make up, the money still ends up in the IRS and many times this "immigrants" are not claiming their refunds, so the money remains there.   THANK YOU MANU CHAO FOR SUPPORTING "ALTO ARIZONA" YOU ARE A HERO AND A ROLE MODEL

Dave Francis
Dave Francis


Texas Governor Rick Perry even though afront runner in the race for the White House, he has infuriated the TEA PARTYbecause of his pandering to illegal immigrants. His negative policies on manyissues including the mandated vaccination on school age girls, as apreventative measure against cervical cancer. Then his dialog on SocialSecurity and immigration has blown up in his face, specially his standpoint onthe illegal alien invasion. Perry is more or less complicit with the Democratand Liberal progressive on trying to pass another amnesty and then beingagainst construction of the border fence. In a 2006 gathering of Mayors inAustin, Texas, Rick Perry stated," that building a wall along the borderwith Mexico is a "preposterous" idea." This was after priorPresident Bush had signed into law the 2006 Secure Fence Act"


In a second private discussion in NewHampshire, he was asked if he was against the border fence and then confirmedin a similar statement." “No, I don’t support a fence on the border,” hesaid. “The fact is, it’s 1,200 miles from Brownsville to El Paso. Two things:How long you think it would take to build that? And then if you build a 30-footwall from El Paso to Brownsville, the 35-foot ladder business gets real good.”The trouble is Rick Perry hadn't obviously read about the original border fencedesign, which was drafted by Rep. Duncan Hunter of California. Currently theborder fencing is just one single strand, that is still not completed, of whichinitial concept were two parallel fences and stretching 700 miles along theUnited States/Mexican border, not the 350 miles we have today. The majority ofDemocrats voted against the bill, but as a Senator--Obama, a Democrat fromIllinois, including his now Vice President Joe Biden (D-DE) backed its passage,drawing irate criticism from the open border zealots.


Perry did say that alternatively, thatthere was a need "for boots on the ground" and more technology thatincludes and patrolling unmanned drones. This is not what the ConstitutionalTEA PARTY wants to hear and I'm sure that he will get a earful in the September22 audience, as the presidential candidates come together for another debate. BothMichele Bachmann and Herman Cain don’t see illegal immigration in the same wayas Perry. The fence needs to be constructed as originally intended, as a doublelayer fence with room in between for high speed interdiction by the borderpatrol. If the Border agents were supplemented 3000 to 5000 armed soldiersalong the border, both drug smugglers, illegal aliens and criminal crossingswould be reduced to a trickle. Perry also introduced a Texas “Dream Act” thatwould allow the children of illegal aliens to be provided with taxpaying basededucation. Not only would this further encourage families with children andbabies, to arrive illegally on our doorstep—but promote hundreds of thousandsof more people entering America through CHAIN MIGRATION. 


In the first amnesty millions more came through CHAIN MIGRATION policies, whichbrought families members here, copiously expanding a need for SSI and otherwelfare programs.  We cannot keep collecting people through CHAINMIGRATION, because of the costs, when the initial sponsor stops financiallysupporting. Same with illegal alien women—ready to conceive—a babyintentionally brought to our nation, so they can apply for welfare and otherpublic entitlements. That the female knowing that once she gets here everythingis free, from hospital to child programs as TANF and other taxpayer benefits.Everybody who reads the press articles that taxpayers are looking at $113billion dollars annually, of the pay-out to the illegal aliens—is stillspiraling upwards. Why in this recession, when millions of American workers areout-of-work, are we still subsidizing people who shouldn’t be here?


How much of this money such as IRS childtax rebates are payouts of criminal fraud. How it is illegal aliens are evenpaying income tax, when they don’t even exist on Social Security data bases?How come it’s not a felony to cross into America, without permission? Many states including Alabama, Georgia and Arizonahave been forced to pass immigration policing laws, to interrupt the huge costof public assistance to foreign nationals, which the Congress has failed to do.


Perry Immigration record is dismal, soit’s unlikely he will be supported by the majority of the TEA PARTY. I wonderhow Rick Perry stands on Lamar Smith’s Legal Workforce Act, whichmandates E-Verify countrywide, or the Secure Communities policing program?


The permanent E-Verify bill H.R.2885is already being demonized by the Left, because is success rateis now gaining popularity amongst honest business owners. Thousands ofconcerned companies have signed on to the E-Verify enforcement program and thevoting public can adamantly voice their Senate or House, to sponsor the bill bycalling the Washington switchboard at 202-224-3121—TODAY.

Please call your Rep. if he/she is a Member of the House Judiciary Committeeand urge clean passage of the Legal Workforce Act. The Capitol Switchboardnumber is 202-224-3121. A list of Judiciary Members and their direct officephone numbers is below.


Rep. Adams, Sandy (GOP)(202-225-2706)

Rep. Chabot, Steve (GOP)(202-2225-3012)

Rep. Chaffetz, Jason (GOP)(202-225-7751)

Rep. Coble, Howard (GOP)(202-225-3065)

Rep. Forbes, Randy (GOP)


Rep. Franks, Trent (GOP)(202-225-4576)

Rep. Gohmert, Louie (GOP)(202-225-3035)

Rep. Goodlatte, Robert (GOP)(202-225-5431)

Rep. Gowdy, Trey (GOP)


Rep. Griffin, Tim (GOP)(202-225-2506)

Rep. Issa, Darrell (GOP)(202-225-3906)

Rep. Jordan, Jim (GOP)(202-225-2676)

Rep. King, Steve (GOP)(202-225-4426)

Rep. Lungren, Dan (GOP)(202-225-5716)

Rep. Marino, Tom (GOP)(202-225-3731)

Rep. Pence, Mike (GOP)(202-225-3021)

Rep. Poe, Ted (GOP)(202-225-6565)

Rep. Quayle, Ben (GOP)(202-225-3361)

Rep. Ross, Dennis (GOP)(202-225-1252)

Rep. Sensenbrenner, James (GOP)(202-225-5101)



The toll-free number for the Capitol switchboard is1-888-262-0265.


After President Obama speech to the nation, to revitalizejobs for hurting Americans. His emphasis was on repairing bridges, roads,schools and other infrastructure. We must have a guarantee that no illegalaliens get these jobs, by the passage of H.R. 2885, as the mandated E-Verify pledge.There is no possible way, as a Conservative as myself can cover all the facts,as the Liberal press suppresses my articles and comments. This affects everyrace of working American people from Hispanics, Blacks Whites and people ofother descent. So I revert to the factual substance found on such websites asNumbersUSA, Judicial Watch and American Patrol. Each website is specificallydesigned to contain certain issues on illegal immigration. NumbersUSA offersinformation on immigration grading, for the 2012 presidential race and Washingtoninsider sources. American Patrol site has a daily investigation of mostly illegalimmigrant articles in national and local press. Judicial Watch contentintroduces the reader to the corruption exercised in Washington and the 50states.

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